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Pet Toys: Dog plush toys are made of natural cotton, cotton woven toys are more durable, and the soft plush surface makes them comfortable to touch and protects your dog's gums. The squeaky dog toy has a built-in sounder that makes noise when pets bite, the best toy for IQ and interactive training, and also strengthens the owner-dog bond. At the same time, it also increases pets' daily entertainment, relieves depression, boredom and anxiety when they are alone, and also reduces the chance of pets biting sofas and shoes, keeping your home clean and tidy. Dog chew toys allow pets to keep their teeth clean, and pets add exercise to maintain their weight and health by playing with the toys. The exterior is designed with animal shapes in various colors, it is very suitable for small, medium and large dogs, and it is also easy to take it out to play with your pet, which will make the pet healthier. We are a professional pet toys manufacturer and dog toy company, contact us.


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