Teddy bear stuffed animal


Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal: This incredibly cuddly and huggable teddy bear stuffed animal is one of the softest plush animals around, and its short fur is surface washable; perfect for baby toys as well as for girls and boys, or anyone else who loves teddy bears and bear hugs. Adorable designs and expressions inspired by favorite childhood plush toys and popular kids' stuffed animals, this teddy bear's cute face, velvety tail, ears and muzzle, and sweet embroidered smile make him super lovable; perfect for playtime, naptime, and bedtime. This cuddly companion and lifetime friend are one of the most perfect teddy bear gifts for kids, toddlers, and adults for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday, graduation or an anniversary, or any occasion; cute gifts like these are always a hit. This stuffed teddy is made with 100% recycled stuffing and ultra-plush fur; a sweet and comfortable stuffed plush for kids of all ages.


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