A variety of pet houses, suitable for small and medium dogs and all cats, foldable dog hosue can save your shipping costs, all materials are durable high-quality plush.Chaoman toy is a pet house brand. A large amount of small pet houses at home, put the pet small pets in the house can play, it can also let the pet small animals at home not lonely. A small pet house is made from cloth, fabric and other materials. The small pet house can be divided into plush and textile, plush materials are more soft and comfortable, but also with a small pet house is easy to be dirty, so the textile material is relatively clean, but also has a rough texture, which can be selected according to the needs of the small pet to buy. The pet house has a variety of colors and patterns, and for different small animals to choose, for example, for dogs to buy dog pet house, but also for cats to buy cat pet house. A small pet house has many advantages, and it can let the small pets at home not lonely.


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