Dog Squeak Toys


Dog Squeak Toys: Dogs are particularly interested in that kind of plush dolls, especially those that can make sound, which can attract their attention. The material is filled with linen and PP cotton. As soon as the dog bites down, it will make a sound. You can see the lovely look of your dog when attracted by the sound. Soft plush creates chewing satisfaction for their natural instinct. a durable liner is added to the toy for longer play time and durability. we also reinforce all seams to make the toys tougher for aggressive chewers. like every other toy, the squeaky toys are not indestructible. When the pet toy can make a sound, whether the dog or cat is playing, it can feel interactive, like a partner who can accompany the pet. These pet toys squeak, but they are very solid and made of different materials, which can make your pet excited for a long time. OEM/ODM squeaky soft toys for dogs, contact us.


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