Baby toys


Baby toys are an integral part of a child's growth. Toys can not only bring happiness to children, accompany them, but also exercise their potential in all aspects. Different animal image designs of baby plush toys, such as monkeys, lions, elephants, etc., children will have a preliminary understanding of the appearance of animals after seeing them. And most of them are equipped with parts such as sounding music, finger teether, etc., which are both beautiful and soothing for the baby. Especially the educational sensory toys can cultivate the perfect combination of baby's abilities. Bright colors, cute designs and high-contrast patterns help stimulate your baby's visual abilities. There is a teether on the interactive toys, and the baby can chew it, which can help relieve the baby's toothache, and can also exercise the baby's hand-eye-mouth-brain coordination ability. The hanging musical toy has a soft, comfortable and soothing sound by gently rocking, and also has a creaking belly, wrinkled ears/wings, and helps parents play with their babies to help promote baby's hearing as well as muscle and grasping abilities.


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