Can Wild Republic Stuffed Animals Be Washed And How To Wash Them?

January 06, 2023

Wild Republic stuffed animals are so unique that you will adore them for years. So, you will keep their older toys even after kids have grown up into adults. Also, many people will store these plushies as part of their childhood memories.

Since you have stored and collected Wild Republic toys for years, they will naturally become dirty and need a quick wash. But people need clarification about it. Can Wild Republic stuffed animals be washed? Does the company suggest you clean them?

Usually, Wild Republic discourages washing these toys in the washing machine. You need to follow specific cleaning instructions to wash these toys and make them newer. You must use mild soap and a lint roller to clean these stuffed animals.

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Can Wild Republic Stuffed Animals Be Washed?

Yes, you can wash the stuffed animals and plushies of Wild Republic. However, you shouldn't wash them in washing machines. It will reduce the softness of the stuffed animals considerably. So, you must be aware of these inconveniences while washing the plushies in the washing machine.

However, with kids running around and keeping the toys anywhere on the floor, spots will be easily seen in them. Also, there will be crumbs and specks. Therefore, you should find a way to clean the stuffed animals and remove their spots and crumbs.

Thankfully, Wild Republic has a quick suggestion and instruction to clean their plushies and stuffed toys. So, let’s explore it.

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Tips On Cleaning Wild Stuffed Toys:

Wild republic and where the wild things are stuffed animal values are incredibly high. Their older toys have become part of local folklore in many regions. Nonetheless, stuffed bears, minions, and bunnies can't bathe independently.

It would help if you gave them a relaxed and toasty bath at least once a year. It's important because kids will play with these stuffed animals indoors and outdoors. So, with their soft fabrics and exceptional detailing, these plushies got dirty too soon. And it's unhygienic for kids to play with dirty stuffed toys. So, you must wash and clean them.

You will need the following things to clean these stuffed animals:

●       A lint roller

●       A damp light-colored cloth

●       A dry towel for fluffing

●       A gentle soap

●       Lukewarm water

After gathering all these items, you can start washing the stuffed animals.

Step 1: Removing excess particles

First, you should scrutinize the plushies for other particles. It will have spots, marks, and debris on it. You should run the lint roller over the entire stuffed animal multiple times. So it will remove these particles from it.

Depending on the residue development on the stuffed toys, you should run the lint roller multiple times. Also, check if the fabric is damaged or not. Sometimes, it may have wear and tear. If so, use stitches to fix the damages accurately.

Step 2:  Prepare the cleaning solution

In a small bowl, add gentle soap with lukewarm water. You don't need a higher amount of water for it. Also, try using baby soaps, as they are the mildest. You can also clean other soft materials at home as you prepare the cleaning solution.

Step 3: Start washing the toys

Once you have mixed water with the mildest soap, dampen the soft cloth. Then, rub the dampened cloth over the exterior fabric of the stuffed animal. Carefully look for the spots and marks on it. If the spots are too dirty, rub the dampened cloth firmly over them.

As you closely inspect the dirty Wild Republic toys and clean them, they should be hygienic. It will help if you run the washing cycle two to three times.

Step 4: Air dry and store the plushies

When you clean the Wild Republic stuffed toys, they will become wet. So, place it in a place with ample sunshine and air ventilation. You must never use a hair dryer or artificial ways to dry the toys as it might burn the soft fabric of it. They will need 1 to 2 hours to air dry correctly. Then, you can give these toys back to kids for fun play.

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Wild Republic stuffed toys need good care and maintenance to survive for years. It is also essential to maintain their hygiene since kids will continuously touch and play with them. Thankfully, cleaning these toys isn't tough at all. You may wash the spots and marks from these stuffed toys with a bar of gentle soap, a lint roller, and dampened cloth. It will take up to 5 to 10 minutes. So, consider cleaning these stuffed animals during weekends happily.

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