Sea Animal Plush Toys

 More Than A Toy, Learn From Playing. 

ChaomanToy  Since 1996

We are committed to pollution-free & recyclable stuffed toys,baby toys,pet toys production and wholesale.

Make every toys meaningful,this is what we do !

  • 20+ years
    20+ years
  • 8000m² area
    8000m² area
  • 200+ workers
    200+ workers
  • 10+ designer
    10+ designer
Product Stories
Every product has a story. When we try to splicing a stuffed toy with cardboard, we will constantly adjust the shape of the cardboard. Different fabrics and fillers also have different effects on the shape of the toy. Every product is full of designers' thoughts on the product from concept to real. We record some articles, which will help customers to choose the products they are satisfied with when they purchasing products
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