Why weighted plush toys are becoming more and more popular?

October 08, 2022

In fact, they are now one of the most popular types of plush toys on the market! So, why are they so popular? 

Here are a few reasons: 

1) They provide a sense of security and comfort for children 

2) They help develop motor skills and coordination 

3) They provide hours of fun for adults and children 

4) They make a great gift!

As the popularity of weighted plush toys continues to grow, so does the demand for them. What's behind this sudden surge in interest? 

And is it really beneficial for anxiety sufferers? Let's take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of weighted plush toys and decide for ourselves if they're worth the hype.

weighted plushweighted stuffed animal

Start of the concept of weighted

The concept of weighted comes from the invention of the weighted blanket, which is used in a type of occupational therapy called "sensory integration therapy," which helps people with autism or other mental illnesses focus on sensory experiences. 

Weighted blankets are just one of many tools occupational therapists use to provide "deep contact stress," a form of physical stimulation that experts say can help individuals regulate their emotions and behaviors.

In 1992, Temple Grandin, an American scientist with autism, invented the hug machine and used it to study the sedative effect of deep contact pressure

In 1999 Occupational therapist Tina Champagne started working on them as a device for a wider range of special populations

In 2000 Keith Zivalich created the "Beanie Blanket", an early version of the weighted blanket

In 2017 Kickstarter-driven weighted blanket sale was a success

In 2018, Time Magazine named the "Anxiety Relief Blanket" as one of the best inventions of 2018

Development of weighted plush toy

With the hot sale of weighted blankets, some plush toys have appeared on the market filled with some weighted plastic beans , which is the prototype of the weighted stuffed animal.

In early 2021, a stuffed weighted dinosaur quickly turned the weighted plush into a popular product.

Yes, Pillowfort has launched several weighted plush toys, these stuffed weighted animals are invented and promoted by Pillowfort. 

Founded in February 2016, Pillowfort is Target's fashion home collection for kids.

With the success of the weighted plush toy launched by Pillowfort home products, more derivatives are gradually becoming popular in the market

weighted dinosaur

There are many fillers for weighted plush. Usually, environmentally friendly plastic beans are the best choice. 

Some people choose sand as the filler, but because the sand is very fine, it is easy to leak from the plush toy.

How to choose weighted plush toy

  1. There are many reasons that have attributed to the rise of weighted plush toys in the market.

  2. One of them is that it has been proven that children playing with the weighted plush toy can be more relaxed, which helps them tune out the noise in the environment.

  3. They also tend to engage in more independent play with the toy.Another important reason is in 2018 systematic review investigated the effectiveness of using weighted blankets to reduce anxiety and insomnia and found weighted blankets to be an appropriate therapeutic tool for reducing anxiety.

  4. Since weighted blankets scientifically have the effect of relieving anxiety and helping sleep, how to choose a suitable weighted toy is a problem we should pay attention to.

  5. 1.heavy

  6. When considering a weighted plush toy, the main concern is choosing the right weight, because if the blanket is too light, it will feel like a normal duvet, and if it is too heavy, it may feel uncomfortable. Studies have shown that weighted toys should be 10% of the body weight, which is suitable for 97% of people.

  7. If you choose to purchase a weighted plush for your child to sleep with, the weight of the product should not exceed 10% of the child's weight.

  8. plastic beans


  10. When considering animal design, we pay more attention to product function and user groups.

  11. If you're going to buy a plush pillow for sleeping more often, then you need to buy a larger, elongated shape so that your legs will be comfortable when you sleep.

  12. If you want to buy a weighted plush doll for a 3-year-old kid, soothe children's emotions and cultivate children's sensory system, then I recommend you to buy a plush doll with a size of about 30cm.

  13. In addition to weighted pillows, there are many other weighted products to choose from, such as weighted blankets,weighted sleep sacks,weighted vests for kid, weighted dog vest.

  14. weighted dog vest


  16. Usually the product label will have instructions for use, manufacturer's name, address, test report. Be sure to buy those plush toys that pass the safety test. Chaoman Toy have participated as an independent tester in the certification of various types of products and related testing, and also make regular hiring of product safety tests.

  17. Special attention must be paid to the stuffing of weighted plush toys. Usually there are many kinds of fillers, glass, plastic beans, sand, stones.We recommend the safest filler is environmentally friendly plastic beans

  18. Summarize

  19. Weighted plush products are a great tool to help people with anxiety disorders, soothe their mood and fall asleep faster. But there are a lot of low-quality products on the market, we need to carefully screen. At the same time, for buyers, heavier plush products will become a popular trend, which is a business opportunity!

  20. We hope this blog post has been informative and that you now know how to choose the right weighted plush toy for your needs. If you have any questions or would like more information on our products or services, please contact Chaoman Toy today!

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