Where The Wild Things Are Stuffed Animals To Buy?

January 16, 2023

Over the last 20 years, many comic and cartoon characters have become popular in the stuffed animals and plushies world. However, rarely has a character from a novel or children's storybook become famous. One character from the children's storybook that gained fame in the stuffed animal arena is the monsters from the book, “Where The Wild Things Are.”

Once the book was adapted into an adventure film, the monsters’ characters and Max’s costume immediately gained popularity. So, kids started purchasing Where The Wild Things Are stuffed animals. These days, the toy has seen over 20000+ sales since 2010.

But where should you get it? Also, what other things will you get with a similar costume? Continue reading the post to find these valuable answers.

What Is Where The Wild Things Are Stuffed Animals?

People might be confused with the title so we will clarify it first. The stuffed animals showcasing a wild wolf are inspired by the book "Where The Wild Things Are." In the book, we see "Max," the main character wearing a wolf costume.

Later, there are many wild animals, and Max dreams about being the king on an unknown island. These were the monsters named "Wild Things." The wild animals declared Max as their king, and he had to fight a battle against the island invaders. As he returned home, his dream broke, and he found himself in his comfortable bed. He also had a delicious and warm supper.

The monsters’ appearance and Max's costume immediately got popular among kids. The book was published in 1963, and since then, many stuffed animal companies have included the two-horned character in their toy list.

However, the boom in its sales and popularity came in 2010. The book was adapted into an adventure film for children in 2009. Since the film was a box office hit, the wolf costume also got immense popularity among kids.

Therefore, it has differences from regular stuffed animals. It isn't inspired from anyrandom wild animals for plushies. Instead, it is a stuffed animal of a particular fictional character.

wild things plush toy

The properties of what is where the wild things stuffed animal:

Many stuffed animal toy companies sell wild stuffed toys. However, not all of them make it similar to the character shown in the book. To purchase the right stuffed animal of the wolf character, you must know its physical properties. Otherwise, you will be fooled into buying fake stuffed toys of this famous monster.

●       The character is shown as an ape with long limbs and hands

●       It has two smaller horns on the head and two large eyes

●       The ape has been portrayed with a crown in some places. And in other areas, it is without the crown

●       The monster looks quite fluffy with a big belly but has a smiling face

Different stuffed toy companies have adopted different versions of Wild Things. While some make stuffed bears following the physical properties, others keep the original shape. The size will vary depending on the kid's requirements.

You will likely find it in 12", 18", and 24" sizes with a cozy hugging facility. Also, stuffed animal toy companies give the character a slightly smiling look to cover up its cruelty. You will also see Max costumes in sales. 

hugging cat

Where To Get The Wild Things Plushies?

Max's Costume and the monster's outfit are trendy among kids. Thus, parents are keen on purchasing and gifting it at Christmas to their kids. But where do you get it? Thankfully, you can get it from Amazon directly to your home.

Moreover, plush toy companies like Hip2Save, Build A Bear Workshop, etc., manufacture both Max costumes and monster outfits. So you can quickly search online for them. Plus, you can get Kids' pajamas and even sweaters with the characters embossed on them. Depending on the decoration and size, you can expect to get these plushies at around $15 to $50. So, it won't break your bank account either.

Conclusion :

The stuffed animal toy is inspired by the book Where The Wild Things Are indeed fantastic. Its smooth look, softness, and mixture of wildness and smiling face make it a unique stuffed toy. Also, Max's costume with a wolf shape looks equally promising. You can present them to your children, including the book, to inspire them to preserve nature and ecology.

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