Where The Wild Things Are Stuffed Animals Carol

February 01, 2023

Where the Wild Things Are has presented toy lovers with many iconic stuffed animals. The Carol is indeed among their top-selling and most iconic plushies worldwide. Hence, in Where the Wild Things Are stuffed animals Carol has become a part of folklore. You will even find it in many theme parks. As the manufacturer says, it represents our wildness inside.

The character is inspired initially by many children's stories. There Carol is presented as a promising force battling against evil forces. The stuffed animal has different variations but mostly comes in off-white with yellow eyes.

Where The Wild Things Are Stuffed Animals Carol

Carol is an exclusive stuffed toy from Where the Wild Things Are. They introduced it a few years ago as their Christmas gift to kids. The stuffed toy has a very contrasting appearance. Some say it looks adorable, and others find it frightful.

This contrast happens because of the toy's physical appearance and different properties. Carol has a monkey face that looks like a monster. Its long teeth from the mouth give the toy its distinctive look. Moreover, the long and fuzzy mane covering its entire mouth makes it more like an ape man from the ancient age.

Yet, most people find it adorable. The face has a pleasant, smiling vibe, and the big yellow eyes look cute. Plus, its exterior decoration looks impressive. The overall appearance, thus, looks adorable.

Inspiration for the stuffed animal character:

Where the Wild Things Are has transformed many classic fairytale and children's storybook characters into stuffed toys. The same is true for the Carol stuffed animal. The character is inspired by multiple stories found in America and Europe.

In most stories, Carol is represented as a fortune-bringer and fighter against evil. He represents the wild yet good things inside humankind. In a famous Swish tale, Carol helps a distressed farmer woman and her kids survive the long winter. He protected them from the mountain lions and tigers until the winter was over, and they could get back to town for a living.

There're many versions of the story, and the manufacturing company seems inspired by multiple ones. Nonetheless, their frightening yet adorable Carol stuffed animal character design looks fantastic.

Many think Where the Wild Things Are is inspired by Charles Dickens's Christmas story, "A Christmas Carol." Nonetheless, that's not true. Dickens' story is about a miser businessman and a ghost. The company has different toys on that theme.

A perfect gift for kids and adults:

One of the best advantages of the Carol stuffed animal is its cuddling and hugging ability. It is mostly 12” to 18” tall. So, kids find it perfect for hugging. Also, high-quality terry cotton fabric and beautiful detailing make it an excellent choice for kids.

It is made with recyclable items. So, the stuffed toy is eco-friendly too. The manufacturing company has ensured proper cleanliness and hygiene in making the plush toy. Therefore, parents don't need to worry about its safety and health-friendliness.

The exclusive plush toy will be a perfect gift for kids. You can surprise them with the Carol stuffed toy during their birthday, Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc. So, they will appreciate its adorableness and cuteness. Plus, the exclusive plush toy is suitable as a rare collectible too.

Where to find Stuffed Animals Carol:

You may directly find it on the Where the Wild Things Are website. The toy is also available in many zoos and museums that sell Where the Wild Things Are stuffed animals. The price varies from $20 to $35. It depends on the size of the stuffed animals. The standard 16" variation will be around $30. Plus, there will be a delivery charge for online purchases.

If you can’t find the Carol stuffed character, you may choose these creative plushies for kids. These are made with high-quality materials, and kids will love them.  


The Carol stuffed animal character from Where the Wild Things Are is a classic gift. The plushie feel and coziness of its cotton will mesmerize kids. Also, the stuffed animal character has been a part of many theme parks. So, you will find it everywhere. Its beautiful design and high-quality manufacturing will surprise everyone.


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