Where Are Wild Republic Stuffed Animals Made

February 06, 2023
Where Are Wild Republic Stuffed Animals Made

Wild Republic is one of the top toy manufacturers and sellers in America. So, they have consolidated their footprint in the last four years with fantastic plushies and toys for kids. It has made the Wild Republic almost a household name to every American.

Following it, people are curious about the company. They often ask, "Where are Wild Republic stuffed animals made? Where is Wild Republic's headquarters located?"

Understandably, people are keen on the toy company. And to feed your interest, we will discuss the toy manufacturing locations of Wild Republic today.

 Wild Republic Company

Where Are Wild Republic Stuffed Animals Made?

Wild Republic makes its toys mainly in Independence, Missouri. They shifted their headquarters to Independence on November 28, 2022. So, it's been relatively new for them. Their CEO Vishchan Dran said the company aims to make their toy manufacturing bigger and serve kids worldwide. Currently, they have more than 300000 square feet of warehouse space in their new headquarters in Missouri.

Nonetheless, they had previously five warehouses in Twinsburg. They have brought these five different warehouse locations under one umbrella with their new arrangement. The CEO commented that it would help them maintain and manage the plushies, stuffed toys, and other items more accessible. However, they didn't reveal if they would make any stuffed toys exclusively in the newly inaugurated space.

As we know, Wild Republic has more than five manufacturing facilities in India, giving employment to 40 people. Also, they have manufacturing plants in Thailand and China, following America's standards for eco and health-friendly plushies.

However, it's challenging to know the origin of Wild Republic toys as their tag doesn't show it. You will only see a description of the plushies linking their origin to genuine animals. Also, with more than 1000 items in Wild Republic's Inventory, we can only tell where the toy came from.

You may look at the product label to find the origin of Wild Republic stuffed toys. It should include the manufacturing time and location. The process is similar to knowing where Gund stuffed animals are manufactured.

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Does Manufacturing Location Matter For Wild Republic Toys?

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Parents are always concerned about their kid's safety and health. Naturally, they will wish to know their manufacturing location for the stuffed toys because kids almost always play with them. Also, the manufacturing location affects the quality of the stuffed toys.

Nonetheless, that's not the case with Wild Republic stuffed toys. They maintain the same manufacturing standards and qualities for their toys in every production line. They aim to ensure ASTM and UL-approved standards for all of their toys. Thus, the company ensures their production facilities in the USA and worldwide have identical technological support and machinery.

Moreover, Wild Republic always uses high-quality materials for its stuffed toys. Plus, all their used stuffed animal materials come from recycled items. Their fabric and toy-making items are, thus, eco-friendly and recyclable.

Hence, you don't need to worry about their stuffed toys. Whether they are made in India, America, or any other location, all Wild Republic toys maintain the same quality. These toys are eco, healthy, and kids' friendly. You can, therefore, gift these plushies to kids without worries.

What Is the Main Benefit Of Wild Republic Stuffed Animals?

You may wonder about the reasons for the Wild Republic toy's popularity. What makes their toys so iconic? The main reason is their toy design and appearance. The company makes toys for both educational and recreational purposes for children.

Gopala Pillai, the founder of Wild Republic, commented in an interview on about the mission of the toy company. He said their mission is to make people aware of different animal species through their plushies. So, they make these stuffed animals as realistic as possible. Also, they put a tag with detailed descriptions about the animal to educate the kids.

The company takes pride in that kids can learn about different species and the environment through their kids. Also, parents find it easy to educate and aware their kids about the importance of the environment, ecology, species, etc. It has made the Wild Republic a go-to option for parents to present their kids with unique toys.


 Wild Republic stuffed animals are outstanding. Their realistic design, funny appearance, and high quality make these toys incredibly valuable. Kids will love cuddling, playing, and staying with these toys. The company has its warehouse in Independence, Missouri. They also have production facilities in India and currently have 40 workers. They maintain high-quality production with recycled materials.


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