Where Are Plush Sofas Manufactured?

March 14, 2023

Plush toys are so popular that we may have a couple at home. But what if I tell you about Plush sofas? Few of you have heard about Plush sofas, am I right? Well, Plush Sofas is a famous leather sofa brand. People, however, have little knowledge about them. Their journey is engaging and inspiring.

So, I have come up with their story today in this blog post. I will discuss,  "Where are Plush sofas manufactured?" You will also know their origin, business areas, and popular models. So, using less time in fluffy words, let's jump into it.

Where Are Plush Sofas Manufactured And Their History?

Plush Sofa is an Australian sofa brand. They are widespread across Australia for their unique and affordable leather sofas. Plus, they are committed to bringing plush leather sofas to Australians. However, the company doesn't make its sofas.

Instead, they import their high-quality leather sofas mainly from Italy and Asia. They have a team who goes over different countries and companies to select the best leather and premium sofas. With the brilliant design, contemporary outlook, and quality maintenance, their sofas are now the no.1 brand in Australia. They outsource their products through OEM services. 

The company has now become a sofa specialist in Australia. Their fantastic range of sofas, recliners, sofa beds, and ottomans make them genuinely iconic and classic.

History Of Plush Sofas:

Plush Sofa has grown into Australia's most popular and sold leather sofa brand. However, they aren't in the market for so long. In fact, it's amazing to see how they have conquered the Australian plush leather sofa market in just 20 years.

Yes, Plush Sofas established its first store in November 2000. Their first store was in Nunawading, Victoria. It was their pilot showroom to test the market demand and how they could plan their business. As their demand increased, they established their first flagship store in 2001. The flagship store of the Plush Sofa was in Richmond, Victoria.

In the next two years, they founded six more stores in different places in Victoria. They still needed to expand their business outside Victoria. However, their first six stores in Victoria were:

● Dandenong

● Richmond

● Shepparton

● Taylors Lakes

● Ballarat and

● Knox

Their breakpoint came in 2004 when they established their business outside Victoria.

Business expansion since 2004:

In 2004, Plush Sofa opened its flagship store in Albury and Port Macquarie. Later, they opened stores in Auburn and Liverpool, establishing their mark in metropolitan cities. In the following years, the sofa company introduced its floor fabrics too. They also changed their company name to "Plush-Think Sofas."

In the later years, they opened multiple stores across Australia. Currently, they have 74 stores. Many are flagship stores, while others are metropolitan and city stores. Despite its store size, the brand has a superior collection of leather sofas and floor mats. So, people can quickly visit any of their stores and choose their favorite ottomans, sofas, chairs, etc.

What Makes Plush Sofas Unique?

What makes Plush Sofas so popular in Australia? Well, they have a streamlined manufacturing process and competitive pricing. They even have brilliant designs and product range to meet their customer's needs.

● Affordable pricing: One of their main USPs is competitive pricing. They import their leather sofas from Asia and Italy. It allows them to set the most affordable price for their sofas.

● Comprehensive product range: Although they are famous for plush leather sofas, they have other items too. You will find ottomans, occasional chairs, and sofa beds to bring a complete living room setup. They even have a fantastic collection of rugs and carpets.

● 10 years of warranty: You may not believe it, but the company offers 10 years of warranty for their sofas, chairs, and ottomans. They are confident about their product quality. So, they are confident in providing such an extended warranty.

● Expert advisory team: Plush Sofas have a brilliant team to suggest to you sofa types you should get. The trained team will inspect your rooms and suggest the best sofa and ottoman for them. Whether you need Christmas items or a permanent sofa setup, their recommendation will be helpful. So, you don't need to invest time to find your unique and contemporary sofas.


Plush Sofa is an Australian leather sofa brand. However, their sofas are manufactured in Asia and Italy. They have established themselves as an Australian sofa specialist with more than 70 stores across the country. So, you will appreciate their fantastic sofas, chairs, sofa beds, ottomans, and rugs. Their unique design with a minimalistic approach makes them a perfect sofa brand.



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