What Are The Best Educational Toys For 4 Year Olds?

August 17, 2022

What is the most challenging task you face these days? Finding a gift for my 4 years old niece seemed an improbable task. 

I have to consider the engagement and fun of the toys so my niece likes them. Simultaneously, I wanted to give her something educational.

I know many of you might have faced the same problem as me. Simply browsing from one toy store to another seems like a hectic job. 

So, for you, I have brought this list of the best educational toys for 4 year old kids.

I've prepared this list following intense research and opinions from teachers and child specialists. So, it includes wooden blocks, puzzles, peg boards, plush toys, stuffed animal toys, etc. 

You can choose upon your budget and preference.

The Top 8 Best Educational Toys For 4 Year Old Kids

An educational toy must develop the kids' motor skills, concentration, problem-solving ability, thinking capacity, and early-reading ability. 

It should also help them develop language, vocabulary, and listening skills.

Following it, this list covers toys that will help develop one or multiple of these skillsets.

Wooden blocks and Legos:

Legos and wooden blocks are all-time favorite educational toys for kids. It is also a good investment because these blocks and Legos will last for years. 

When you purchase the blocks, ensure they are of different shapes and colors. With different forms, kids will learn geometrical angles and shapes, and various colors will enhance their engagement.

Also, purchase flat and round-edge blocks with no sharp edges. It will prevent unwanted cuts as kids play with them. 

When kids engage with block play, they will develop cognitive skills, geometrical knowledge, combinations, and imaginative capacity. It further improves their gross and fine motor skills to a new level.


For a 4 years old kid, the puzzle can be a great educational gift too. It also develops multiple skills among the kids, who will love solving the puzzles. 

It develops their fine motor skills as they work with different shapes of the puzzles to combine them and integrate them into a uniform image.

On top of it, puzzle solving improves their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It also helps in building better hand-eye coordination. Last but not least, playing with various puzzles will increase their concentration capacity. As kids grow up, it will be helpful for them in studies with greater attention to detail.

Stuffed animal toys:

Although not a directly educational toy, stuffed animals will develop empathy for the animal kingdom within the kids. 

For instance, when kids play with and cuddle the giant teddy bears, they automatically become affectionate with them. So, it helps them love and cares for the animals as they grow up.

Also, you can give the kids sensory plush toys. It develops their rotatory and motor skills. As kids play with these toys, it boosts their gross and fine motor skills. 

So, they will have better hand-eye coordination as they grow up playing with these toys.

Threading and lacing toys:

The threading and lacing toys may appear pretty primitive. Yet, they are excellent in developing fine motor capacity of the kids. It also improves their pre-writing skills. 

So, it works as a foundation for their future education. Many preschools use threading and lacing toys to teach their kids.

When kids thread beads through a hollow center and arrange them in a string, it boosts their arrangement sense. Also, lacing toys build their understanding of shapes and sizes. So they can learn how to write quickly.

Color sets:

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) is the new wave in the educational sector. Its goal is to boost the artistic sense and creativity among the kids.

One of the best ways to infuse these skill sets into kids is to present them with color sets.

As kids play with different colors, they will become more creative. Plus, they can color other objects and become more imaginative. 

Kids can try drawing their innovative world, favorite animals, fishes, etc., depending on their mood.

The color set with an erasable slate will be perfect for educating kids and keeping them engaged for hours. It will also save your walls from being the platform for kids' artistic showcase.

Digital reader:

A digital reader will read the stories aloud so that kids can easily listen to them. For instance, Me Reader comes with multiple shapes and pages. 

When kids flip a page and click the matched shape, it will read out the related story.

Kids have to match the page and related shape, which develops their combination and arrangement skills. Also, images on the page that relate to the story will help kids imagine the entire story. 

So, they will build imaginative power. Also, kids will learn the alphabet. As they grow up, they can start reading the stories independently.

Engineering and construction toys:

Why should you focus on enhancing the imaginative and cognitive skills of a 4 years old kid? Let’s give him some engineering and construction toys. 

It inspires them to become an engineer or architect later. You may choose from metal, wooden, or magnetic construction blocks.

As kids try fitting, arranging, hooking, or stacking these pieces together, they will act like an architect. It also helps them know how a building stands with proper shapes. 

These toys will boost their thinking, concentration, and technological and engineering skills.

Musical instruments:

Playing regularly with musical instruments helps kids learn about symphony, rhyme, syllables, sound, and music. Also, they will learn synchronization techniques with different musical instruments. 

You may even DIY create a whistle, bell, and shakers at home to gift kids.

Plus, you may easily purchase guitars or piano toys from the market. All these musical instruments will develop the auditory sense of the children.


The best educational toys for 4 years old kids should develop their motor movement, listening, auditory and imaginative abilities. 

You don't need to give them complex toys. Whether you choose Legos, puzzles, or a digital reader, ensure that kids can use it easily. 

If they find it hard to play with the toys or solve the mystery, they will soon lose interest in it.

I've mentioned the top 8 educational toys for kids. Alternatively, you may choose board games, pegboards, sequencing cards, etc., for kids.





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