Top 5 Zoo Toys For An Exceptional Zoo That You Should Bring For Kids

March 22, 2023
Top 5 Zoo Toys For An Exceptional Zoo That You Should Bring For Kids

As kids grow up, taking them to zoos effectively introduces them to the animal world. It helps them to grow an apathy for the animals. Also, they learn the basic traits of these animals. But what about creating a zoo at home for kids?

Well, you don't need to bring the real tiger or elephant at home for the zoo. Instead, you can choose zoo toys with animal themes to introduce kids to them. And for your assistance, we have selected the 5 top zoo toys for an amazing zoo at home. 

Our list of zoo toys includes plush toys and stuffed animals that kids will love. They will not only adore these cuddling toys but treat them like friends. So, let’s get on with it. 

Top 5 Zoo Toys For An Exceptional Zoo

Are you planning to introduce your kids to the limitless yet ever-friendly animals? That's a great idea. Thankfully, with our five zoo toys, your work of introducing kids to our real world and flora and fauna around it will be easy. 

FurReal Friends Ricky 

The Trick-Lovin plush toy will be your kid's first pet, thanks to its cuddling properties and lovely look. The furry pup will shake hands with your kids and you. Plus, it will shake the paws like it feels happy and want some cuddles. With its shaking posture and soft skin, it looks so amazing that you will mistake it for a real pup. 

Also, this toy is a cute and cuddly interactive plush pet dog with insane detailing. Besides, it has over 100 sound-and-motion combinations. So, toddlers and kids will surely enjoy its sweet barking in 100 different tunes. Moreover, the pet pup responds to touch and sound. 

The toy is suitable for children aged four years and above. You can get it from major toy stores or online retailers like Amazon. And if you don’t like the pup, an eco-friendly racoon won’t be a bad choice either. 

Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe 

This giant plush Giraffe stands over 4 feet tall and is made from soft, high-quality materials. This plush toy features realistic markings too. Moreover, it has soft fur and a sturdy wireframe construction making it more realistic. The toy is ideal for imaginative play to unfold the imaginative power in your child. 

Hence, the large Giraffe toy is perfect for children who love wild animals. If your kids want a cuddly companion to play with, this 5ft long Giraffe should be your best choice. The toy is recommended for children aged 3 years and above. You can get it from Melissa & Doug's website or other online retailers.

Lastly, with a possible price of around $80, the toy isn’t pricier either. You can also wash and maintain it for years. It further improves its affordability. 

Schleich Animal Figures

Schleich toys come in many different animal figures. All these animal figures are hand-painted to give a realistic look. These toys are undoubtedly famous for their highly detailed animal figurines that look perfect. These toys are a true winner when you want to help your kids learn about various animals.

They come in various sizes and species, from farm animals to jungle animals. You can get them in figures like lions, tigers, zebras, etc. So, you can use them for imaginative play or educational purposes. Plus, these high-quality animal figures are made from safe, durable materials. It won't cause rashes or allergies in your kids. 

The probable price range is from $5 to $20, which lets you choose many toys simultaneously. These realistic-looking toys are recommended for children aged 3 years and above. You can get them from Schleich's website or other online retailers.

Little Live Pets 

These interactive toys are realistic-looking pets. The best part about them is that they respond to touch and sound. So, kids will love their little movements and sounds whenever they touch the toys. Isn't it amazing?

For our convenience, the toys come in various species, like birds, turtles, and more. Also, depending on the species, they have different features, like singing, talking, and moving. So, you can choose your kid's favorite zoo toys with some cool features. 

Little Live Pets are suitable for children aged 5 years and above. You can get them from major toy stores or online retailers. The toys will be approximately $30 to $50, which is pocket-friendly too. 

Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three-Toed Sloth 

This adorable Wild Republic stuffed animal is incredibly soft and cuddly. So, it is perfect for snuggling up with at bedtime. Its lifelike design and realistic details make it a great teaching tool for kids to learn about sloths. The possible price is around $15. 


Animal-themed zoo toys are great for kids because they encourage imaginative play. Also, they help teach kids about animals. These toys even allow them to develop empathy and compassion towards animals. Finally, our selected top five zoo animal toys are durable and high-quality. It helps them withstand rough play and lasts for years until your kids grow up. 

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