Top 5 Plush Toy Storage Ideas

September 05, 2022

Plush and stuffed toys aren't just any simple toys. They are also excellent for decoration of your home. You will also adore their flappy and cute look in your living space, dining, or bedroom. However, plush toys are often large and consume too much storage space. It is an excellent blockade in storing the plush and stuffed toys properly with a good arrangement.

So, we present the top 5 plush toy storage ideas for decorative and long-term storage purposes. You may use a DIY swing to store these toys. Also, animal planters will be an outstanding option for small and kids' rooms. Then, there is the option to use a knitted net and storage pillow having a zipper.

If you have kids with many plush toys at home, you may not find a way to store them correctly. It will leave the house in haphazard condition. So, let's see these top storage ideas for plush toys to arrange them in order so that they still look adorable and engaging.

Top 5 Plush Toy Storage Ideas:

Plush toys with cuteness, cuddliness, and floppiness are favorites of every child. Many adults sleep with their stuffed animals as they consider them companions. However, parents may think that plush toys are cluttering their homes. So, for them, we present these unique storage ideas that will help parents store the plush toys and decorate their homes beautifully.

DIY Storage Swing for plush toys:

One of the best ways to remove the plush toy clutter from floors is to arrange them on a swing space. You can still use it even if your kids haven't reached the height to access the swing and plush toys.

The best thing about the DIY swing for plush toys is that you can build it with your kids. They will love acting out with you. Also, the swings will only need one to two hours to complete.

Depending on how many plush toys you want to arrange, you can create a two or three-storied swing. Plus, you can color the swings with your kid's favorite paint. You can even let your child color the swing, which will bring immense joy to them.

So, using a DIY swing for plush toys is a win-win situation for everyone. Yes, you and your kids will equally love it.

Bean bags with zippers:

We would use bean bags for multiple storage items at home. So why not use them to store stuffed animal toys and get rid of a cluttered floor?  

Moreover, you can get these bean bags in various shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. The attractive design will add a layer of aesthetics to the room. Also, many bean bags are indeed designed for storing unique items like plush toys. You can easily place them in one corner of the room. You can change their locations if you wish to give the room a new look.

Moreover, kids of all ages can reach the bean bags to accept their favorite plush toys whenever they want. So, you will find them incredibly useful.

Lastly, with different sizes available for the bean bags, it suits to store plush toys of older kids. They will often have many stuffed toys, and you can arrange all of them in one bean bag.

Wall-mounted buckets look unique and remarkable:

Nothing beats the charm of a wall-mounted bucket if you plan to store the plush toys uniquely. You can DIY create these buckets or get them from the market. You can use the buckets to store the stuffed toys within the bucket quickly.

You may easily decorate the wall-mounted brackets to match your kids' room décor. You can choose from your favorite color shades and shape for the buckets. We recommend you use bamboo or other recycled items to create these buckets. So, you will have an eco-friendly solution to your stuffed and plush toy problem.

What's more, even the natural color of the bamboo on the wall will look amazing. We suggest you work with your kids to prepare and hang the buckets on the wall. It will increase their engagement with DIY works in the future.

As you design, prepare and color the buckets with your kids, it also unfolds their imagination.

Long shelf if you have many plush toys:

Kids are a fan of plush toys of different shapes and sizes. So, their room will be full of unicorn plush toys, teddy bears, and crochet dolls. One of the best solutions for these plush toy storage is to arrange a long shelf in the room.

You can arrange the shelf at different heights on the room wall. So, kids can still reach for their favorite toys if they wish. Also, as the number of plush toys increases, you can increase the length and number of the shelves. Plus, like our other plush toy solution ideas, you can design the frames with various exciting shapes and colors. It will surely help the kids live their dream with their favorite plush toys and attractive decorations.

DIY rolling toy storage and ottoman

Anyone who has been a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie will love this plush toy storage idea. The idea is a simple one. You will need to purchase or create an ottoman with storage space underneath it. You can use the top of the ottoman for a cozy seating space. Moreover, you can include wheels with the ottoman to increase its portability.

This way, this storage ottoman will serve you a 2-in-1 purpose. Also, you can roll on the ottoman to any place in your room with the caster wheels. It allows the child to play in any location.


Storing plush toys can often be a problem for many people. When parents see scattered plush toys here and there in kids' rooms, it can ruin their peace. So, we present to you the top 5 plush toy storage ideas for them. All these storage ideas are easy to apply. Apart from them, you may also choose from a plush toy zoo, storage net, pillow with zipper, etc., to store and display the beautiful toys. It will further permit your kid to enjoy the storage and pick their favorite toy whenever they are in the mood to play.



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