Top 5 cities for stuffed toys manufacturing in China | Chaoman Toy

April 27, 2022
Top 5 cities for stuffed toys manufacturing in China | Chaoman Toy

The plush toy industry is produced in different cities in China, but different cities have their own characteristics, each region has their own product features and the prices are also different.

To help international friends better understand the current situation of stuffed toys industry and know where to order custom stuffed toys in China, we put together a series of articles as follows. Explain how to choose the city for plush toys manufacturing in China. Based on factors such as labor, raw materials and market size, it is necessary to choose one or two major cities in China where you can convenient visit . It's also helpful to know more about these.

The toys manufactured in China have been experiencing a stable growth since COVID-19 hit them. The country's industrial chain is upgrading, so it can maintain its dominant position as the world market leader for exports.

The Chinese toy industry may be under pressure from COVID outbreak but they still managed to export more than ever before with help from new found efficiency and technology advancements that allow businesses like these ones produce goods faster while using less resources which ultimately helps protect our planet.

Yiwu International Trade Market

China's toys market is a platform where you can find various kinds of playthings, all made in China and ready for purchase. One such place would be Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market which serves as both an showcase to show off their quality products while also providing buyers access these offers from across the country! Though there may be many different factories that produce this goods within its borders - each one focusing on specific genres or types- if your preferences lie elsewhere then fear not because when visiting any given city during business trips abroad it will seem like every street corner has another boutique waiting just beyond reach.

But what many people don't know is that many sellers in Yiwu Commodity market(Yiwu International Trade Market) are not factories. Even if they are factories, these factories will not be in Yiwu

In this article, I will introduce the industrial chain distribution in China of stuffed toys and pet toys

1.Yangzhou City. Jiang Su Province

Yangzhou is the earliest city in China to produce stuffed animals with plush toys. With China's reform and opening up, the plush toy industry at that time was a state-owned enterprise led by the government. According to China Customs statistics, in 2006, Yangzhou's plush toys accounted for 96% of the world's plush toys exports!

Yangzhou has a trading market similar to Yiwu International Commodity Market, called Yangzhou Wutinglong International Toys and Gifts Market ,it  covering 200,000 square meters with over 50,000 toys sotres only deals in stuffed toys.

At least 40,000 upstream and downstream enterprises in Yangzhou and surrounding cities survive on stuffed toys, which is an amazing number!!

Yangzhou Wutinglong International Toys and Gifts Market

Yangzhou has created the prosperity of the stuffed toy industry due to its unique geographical advantages. On the one hand, it relies on Shanghai Yangshan Port (the port with the largest throughput in the world) and has convenient transportation and low transportation costs. On the other hand, Yangzhou has a long history of plush toy companies. A mature industrial chain, plush fabric factory, sublimation printing factory, screen printing factory, washing label, woven label, paper box factory, carton factory, these industrial chain clusters provide the convenience for the rapid generation of stuffed toys or pet toys condition.

Features:Good at plush home products, plush pillows, plush slippers, giant stuffed teddy bears, plush blankets,baby toys

Knotted Ball Pillowplush pillow plush slipperplush blanket

Price and quality:With the rise of labor costs, compared with other cities, the price is moderate and the quality is medium. A small number of enterprises can also complete very high-quality toy production

2.Tianchang City. Anhui Province

Tianchang is located on the edge of Anhui Province, relying on Yangzhou. Due to cheap labor, it has gradually developed into a plush toy manufacturing base. However, Tianchang's industrial chain is not mature. Most of the raw materials need to be transported from Yangzhou, which is far from the port. Therefore, Tianchang's current positioning is to help the toy factory in Yangzhou provide the most complicated and expensive sewing work

Tianchang's toy factory has a large number of sewing workers, and the workers have low salaries, which can provide cheap labor. When they complete the unstuffed animal skin, they will be sent to Yangzhou through logistics, and then other factories in Yangzhou will complete the finishing work such as filling cotton and packaging.

Many international toy trading companies in Nanjing will produce orders in Tianchang. Usually these international trading companies do not have the ability to produce. They are equivalent to customer service teams, but most of the profits are taken away by them.

chaoman factory

FeaturesMost plush toy factories there are processing points in the toy industry chain ,Plush materials need to be purchased in Yangzhou, cannot have complete mature supporting services. 

teddy bear clothes unstuffed teddy bear skin

Price and quality:The quality of the prodcuts is uneven. simialr like Yangzhou city

3.Dongguan City. Guangdong Province

In the 1990s Dongguan start have stuffed toy manufacturing factory, more than 90% toys exported to Europe and United States.

Since Dongguan relies on Hong Kong, many famous toy purchasers company will set up offices in Hong Kong, and they will set up trading companies in Hong Kong, so Dongguan's stuffed toys and pet toys gradually begin to mature.

Most of Dongguan's labor force comes from Guangxi and Sichuan. Due to various factors such as the increase in foreign population and labor costs, the number of plush toy companies in Dongguan gradually decreased after 2015, and many large plush toys moved out of Dongguan to Vietnam and Bangla. Now only a few toy companies remain in a place called Chashan Town

There is an interesting thing, although Chashan Town is also a concentrated production place for stuffed toys, most of their sewing work is done in Guangxi and Sichuan, because this part of the work has the highest labor cost, and they usually make un-stuffed skin shells in those places,then do the rest of the work in Dongguan.Shenzhen's port makes it easy to get cartons out.

dongguan chashan town shenzhen port

FeaturesThey are good at exquisite stuffed toys around 25cm and high quality pet toys

Simulation wild animals stuffed toy pet chew toy

Price and qualityDue to the large number of foreign-funded enterprises in the past, the quality of the workers trained is high, so the quality of Dongguan plush toys is very good. Price is high.

4.Qindao City. Shandong Province

The plush toy industry in Qingdao has a long history. Although it started late compared to Yangzhou, the convenient shipping port has become an important support for toy exports. The Jimo District of Qingdao is the core circle of the plush toy industry, and there are also plush raw materials production plant around Qingdao. The toys factory in Qingdao is different from those in Yangzhou and Shenzhen. Yangzhou is good at producing middle-end plush products, Shenzhen is good at producing high-quality and delicate toys, then Qingdao is good at producing mid-to-high-end products within 15cm, most of which are keychains. , and even 10cm plush keychains can be produced at a very low cost. This is because most of Qingdao used to provide processing services for the German brand NICI. NICI has many small products under 15cm, so over time Qingdao's Workers are familiar with smaller size products.

Gaomi city Gaomi is more than 100 kilometers away from Qingdao city. Gaomi is also a plush production base in Shandong.Because Gaomi relies on North Korea, there are many North Korean or Korean laborers who come to work in China, so Gaomi produces plush toys of about 10cm at low labor costs.

The plush fabrics in Qingdao are different from those in other cities. They are not only good at producing products within 10cm, they are also suitable for producing plush hand puppets and simulated animals.

plush keychainfinger tiger stuffed toyPlush Hand Puppet

Featuresgood at small plush toy, plush keychain, hand puppets.

Price and quality:middle cost, middle quality. The price is close to that of Yangzhou, but it is good at making a certain type of product

5.Baigou City. Hebei Province

Plush toys in Hebei only started to develop after 2013. Because of their low product prices, they are loved by Chinese people, so the plush toy factories are developing rapidly, even surpassing yangzhou. Due to the low price, the after-sales service is very poor, almost Without after-sales service, the quality of the plush raw materials in Hebei is very poor, and the workmanship of the workers is not good, so the quality of the products is not high.

However, with the development of time and the improvement of Hebei's product quality, Yangzhou's plush toy market can easily be replaced by Hebei.

Features:No product innovation ability, mainly engaged in the production of domestic products, attracting customers with low prices

Price and quality:low price, low quality

The End

After reading this article, you may have a general understanding of the industrial structure of Chinese plush toy factories. If you want to find a suitable supplier in China, you can visit some factories according to the industrial characteristics of each city.A plush toy looks very simple, but not all toy companies are suitable for production. Different cities have their own characteristics and products that they are good at.

Chaoman Toys is located in Yangzhou, we can provide the most cost-effective products, we are good at producing stuffed toys, plush dolls, pet toys, plush slippers, we can't provide products with low prices, but we can provide products that match the price and product quality product.

Our customers are Disney, Wal-Mart, Bandai, we provide OEM services for them, It is precisely because we have the experience of producing for famous brands that we have the ability to produce more cost-effective products.

Chaoman Toy is more inclined to provide ODM services, because we have excellent sample design and research and development capabilities, an excellent roduct is the basis of profit for you.

If you are looking for a DOM stuffed toy company or custom plush toys, I think chaoman toy is your best choice, if you still doubt our ability, we will also provide services for free, recommend more information to you.

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