The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Toy Business

May 16, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Toy Business

A lot of research should be done when you want to start a toy business, Who are the Top 3 Toy Importers? biggest players for importing toys are: Toys “R” Us, Mattel Inc, and Vtech Electronic North America LLC, 85% of the U.S. toy and game market is manufactured, and imported, from China.

Although the manufacturing industry in Central and South Asia is also increasing its output, China is still the world's largest raw material country. Although China's labor costs are rising, due to its strong supply In the chain market, China's toy manufacturing is difficult to replace in a short time.

Toys are a good business. In the toy industry, stuffed or plush toys and pet toys are an asset-light, low-margin, low-input business. There are also some plush household items in stuffed toys such as stuffed animal slippers, fur plush pillows.

We are a professional manufacturer of stuffed toys and pet toys, so we choose plush products and pet toys for specific industry analysis. This article comprehensively analyzes the current state of the toy market from the perspective of customers and products.


From the customer's point of view, we divide customers into four types

Toy Wholesaler or Distributor

Most toy wholesalers have their own sales channels and supply channels. They have been in this field for many years. These wholesalers are mainly engaged in the trade of wholesale stuffed animals,plush toys,pet toys. Their sales channels are offline physical stores, such as supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores.

According to the sales situation of terminal stores, wholesalers need to purchase toys every year or even every quarter. Most of these wholesalers need OEM and ODM services, because these companies have their own R&D teams, they will also cooperate with some brand IPs to develop and design toys, and they will also check the company's product catalogue and select some products to customize their own logos .

These toy wholesalers or distributors know too many stuffed animal manufacturers china, usually they need to constantly compare prices between plush toy factories, then choose suppliers according to price and factory production quality.

Toy Retailer

Toy retailers are mainly engaged in e-commerce platform sales or offline store sales. They will purchase a certain amount of toys as inventory, and the number of each purchase is small, around 1,000 to 2,000 pieces.

If some retailers sell their products hot, their purchases cycle may be shortened to 1 month, such as merchants engaged in Amazon sales, their inventory turnover is fast, the quantity is small, and the procurement cycle is short.

Most companies selling on e-commerce platforms need ODM services. They do not have their own sample making teams and need to rely on factories. They are good at Internet marketing. What they need is a plush manufacturer who can continuously provide product innovation. Even custom plushies bulk, their quantity is very small.

Toy Business Individual

Individual businesses are more flexible, they will be engaged in small batch wholesale and retail, usually they are a middleman, most of them will have their own FB group or an online website, their minimum order between 300-1000. Dropshipping is also their main operating model

Companies but non-main business of toys

The main business of these companies is not toy sales, they can be zoos, aquariums, restaurants, or even exhibition halls, they need custom mascot plush or plush toys custom service.

For example, zoos will buy wild animal stuffed toys, aquariums will buy sea animal stuffed toys, gift companies usually customize teddy bears with logo, or custom stuffed animals turn their mascots into plush toys for event gift giving away.

The purchase frequency of these companies is not high, and the order quantity is uncertain, some have hundreds of pieces, and some are a container.

Finding a factory is a complicated thing, most of those so called “wholesale plush companies” are tarading company.

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Plush materials can be used for many kinds of products, such as stuffed toys, baby toys, household items, animal slippers, and simulated animals. The main material of these types of products is plush, but other fabrics need to be combined in specific products, such as baby toys, If it is a high-end baby toy, it needs natural nature cotton material. If it is a household item, it needs to involve auxiliary fabrics to improve functionality or details good looking. If it is a pet toy, it needs to involve materials such as rubber and hemp rope to make the toy more durable.

The following contents are recommended to be viewed by computer

Baby Toys

Subcategory Baby comforter toyPlush rattleSensory plush toyRocking horse
Picture Case



super soft fabric/plush/
pure cotton/Eco-friendly rubber/plastic
super soft fabric/plush/
pure cotton/Eco-friendly rubber/plastic
super soft fabric/plush/
pure cotton/Eco-friendly rubber/plastic
Soothe children's
emotions, mainly suitable for children aged 0-3, there can be musical
instruments in the toys
sound when shaking
Visual, tactile, auditory effects, exercise children's sensory system
playing and rest

Stuffed Toys

Subcategory Stuffed Animal & Figure ToysElectronic plush toyKeychain ToysBackpacks & purse
Clothing & Accessories
Picture Case



super soft fabric/plush/long plush/knitting
/plush/long plush/
Eco-friendly rubber/plastic
plush/long plush/knitting/PP/PEplush/long plush/knitting
plush/long plush/knitting
all anmial or cartoon shape
plush keychain coin purse or cosmetic

Household items

Subcategory Plush Pillow & Plush SofaPlush BlanketSutffed Animal Shoes
Plush Cushion
Neck PillowPlush Gloves
Picture Case



super soft fabric/plush/
long plush
super soft fabric/plush/
long plush
plush/long plush/TPR 
super soft fabric/plush/
super soft fabric/plush/


The biggest cost of 

plush slippers is the sole, which has many materials

There are many kinds of fillers for neck pillows, latex, cotton, memory foam are all optional

Pet Toys


Pet chew toys

/ Pet squeak toys

Pet training toys

Interactive toys

/ Bites rope

Pet house

/ Pet mat

Picture Case



Durable plush/Rope

Durable plush/


Durable plush/



Ordinary chewing toys

Have certain functionality,

train pet agility and obedience


Make Money Start From $500!

When you know about plush products, you need to think about how to start your project, which is the most important thing.

It is recommended to read "what do I need to start a profitable online business" first, as for why it costs US $500 to start this business?Because we found that the lowest cost way to obtain customers is to use e-commerce websites. You can choose mature retail platforms such as Amazon and Esty. These platforms have a huge number of visitors. You only need to invest a little advertising fee. As long as your products are good, you will get some orders. You can also choose Shopify or WordPress. These websites have high autonomy, but you need strong operation ability and website knowledge.

$500 is enough for you to start the toy business, and you can also profit from it. With an investment of $500, you can earn $1000 a month. Of course, if you want to make $20000 a month quickly, you must copy your model and increase your investment!

Don't Miss Season Products

Seasonal products are an opportunity that you must seize. Customers are in high demand for purchases starting a month before Halloween, Easter, and Christmas, and they are not very price-sensitive during the holiday season. 

Think about what you need to buy before the holidays! Christmas trees, Easter bunnies, Christmas toys, and even pet toys are your entry points!If you don't know how to choose holiday products, please read"What is Best 2022 Christmas Gifts | Christmas Toys for 2022".

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