Recyclable will be a trend in toy industry after 2022 | Chaoman Toy

May 12, 2022
Recyclable will be a trend in toy industry after 2022 | Chaoman Toy

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to what fabrics will be popular after 2022. But, one thing is for sure: recyclable fabrics are going to be the most popular option. Why? Because people are becoming more and more concerned about the environment, and eco friendly fabrics are a great way to reduce waste.

In the stuffed toys and pet toys industry, I deeply remember that in 2019, there were customers who wanted to purchase recycle soft toys or recycle stuffed toys. All fabrics need to be eco friendly. We asked material suppliers, such as rubber and plastic,they can provide recyclable and environmentally friendly materials for accessories, but for plush products, there were not many factories in China can produce recyclable fabrics .

As more and more people asked, I gradually realized that this would be a trend.

What is Recyclable Fabric

Simply put, if a fabric is made of recyclable waste, and the production process is also pollution-free, then the material is recyclable.

Such as those PET plastic bottles that are usually incinerated or buried in the ground after use. This recycling process reduces carbon dioxide emissions and gradually eliminates the need for new raw materials compared to making new polyester fibers.

Recycled fabrics in the textile industry are fabrics made from recycled fibers. It is made from recycled waste polymer materials and waste textile materials, which are reused after physical opening, or spun after melting or dissolving, or the recycled polymer materials are further cracked into small molecules for re-polymerization and then spinning. fiber. According to different sources and components, it can be divided into three categories: recycled chemical fibers, recycled cotton fibers and recycled wool fibers, and there are corresponding recycled fabrics, such as recycled cotton fabrics, recycled wool fabrics, etc.

plastic pvc fabric

How to Made Recyclable Fabric

Mechanical recycling

Mechanical recycling is a process where the plastic melts and then re-extrudes into yarn.

1.The pellets and chips created from drinking bottle waste are then sorted, sterilized , dried before being ground into a fine powder.

2.Then the pieces are heated and passed through a spinneret to form strings of yarn.

3.The yard is wound up in spools.

4.The fabric would be made from a mix of virgin polyester and recycled materials, like old cotton t-shirts. It's then dyed before being woven or knitted into the final product.

Chemical Recycling

The chemical recycling process creates a new plastic, with retaining the same quality as original though this isn't used as much because it's very expensive. The polyester breaks down into monomers that form different molecules when joined together in sequences specific to certain plastics types- these are then heated up and cooked at high temperatures so they can be industrially manufactured without losing anyidentity or function from their natural environment.

The process of recycling plastic is not as popular because it's very expensive and time-consuming. The breaking down into monomers starts with the chemical breakdown on polyester, which creates new chemicals that can be used for creating different types or molecules in other products instead!

Why Recyclable

The National Energy Agency said: "Global investment in renewable energy has reached record levels, and global renewable energy development is currently far below the level required by countries and companies to meet their pledged emission-limiting targets in the coming decades.

Therefore, environmental protection and New Year's energy will still be the key issues after 2022. Polyester fibers account for 90% of the use of the textile industry. If recycled plastics are used to make recyclable fabrics, it will be the core competitiveness of the textile industry and consumers also like new fabrics.

Compared to traditional polyester fabrics, recycled polyester fabrics offer superior quality, unique appearance, longer service life, and superior functional performance, all while having a lower impact on the environment.

Recyclable for Toys

Toys are made of plastic, plush, leather, and rubber. These materials can be made into different types of toys, such as recycled stuffed toys, recycled pet toys that combine plush and rubber, or plastic toys. In the field of stuffed toys and pet toys, Chaoman is a leading stufffed toy manufacturer in the industry, we use recyclable fabrics to make different types of plush recycled Stuffed wild animals, we use super soft recyclable fabrics to produce recycled Stuffed sea animals, some customers need recycled dog chew toys, we can also produce.

These recyclable stuffed toys we produce have been liked by European and American customers. Although the cost of these products will increase, the end consumers are willing to pay for the value.

I believe that in the near future, more and more suppliers will join us to provide us with more fabrics, and more consumers will need recyclable ODM stuffed toys, these eco friendly toys must be the best toy product selection trends after 2022.

recycle stuffed toys

Certification of Recycled Plush

Recycled plush raw materials usually come from discarded plastic bottles, Coca-Cola bottles. After machine and chemical treatment, these pvc molecules are turned into plush polyester fibers. 

According to different processes, different styles of plush can be made different shaped of stuffed animals.

Factories that can make recycled plush need to pass the international Global Recycled Standard (GRS4.0) certification. The auditing agencies that can provide GRS certificates include well-known third-party testing companies such as TUV, BV, and SCS.

recycled plush toy

If a buyer needs to buy stuffed toys made of renewable eco-friendly fabrics, ask your plush manufacturer to provide their GRS certification. All transactions are traceable. They can't fake it.

When your fabric is recyclable, you can design a recyclable logo on the tag or label of the stuffed toy.

recycled plush

Check Our Recycled Wild Animal Stuffed Toy

About Chaoman Toy

Since 1996 we have been engaged in the production of plush toys. After more than 20 years of development, from a small workshop with a few people to a large factory with hundreds of people, we are so familiar with what kind of fabric is friendly, and more proficient in combining different materials with different designs. Chaoman toy is the brand of Chaoman Toys Co., Ltd.  As a plush toy manufacturer, no matter you want custom teddy bear or wholesale stuffed animals,

chaoman toy is the best supplier of your plush toy company partner!

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