Plush Toys and Baby Products Amazon Merchant Guide

November 12, 2022

Chaoman Toy as a professional manufacturer of plush toys, we provide OEM and ODM of stuffed toys for many Amazon merchants. In addition to stuffed toys, we are also good at producing wild animal simulation plush toys and baby toys, such as saliva wipes, baby toys warp around toys, baby blankets. For these products, if they enter the Amazon warehouse (FBA), Amazon will have a lot of audits.

If you only see certain products on Alibaba and have the factory make them according to your requirements, but don't understand Amazon's product sales rules, then you will undoubtedly lose your entire shipment.

For merchants who want to sell on Amazon for the first time, the biggest problem is how to make your products smoothly and safely sold on Amazon. If you are a businessman engaged in plush toys and baby products, then after reading this article, you will know all the details of product warehousing, starting from the factory purchasing products, you need to tell the factory how to produce goods according to my requirements.

Notice1:Product Certification

Determine the country and region where you sell on Amazon, because different countries have different testing requirements for children's toys and baby products, and tell your plush toy manufacturing these testing requirements as soon as possible, because these testing requirements are closely related with the raw materials and production processes, and the corresponding product costs are also different.

Sales in US & Canada Certification:CPC

CPC ASTM testing report

The US Amazon site requires that all children's toys and children's products must provide Children's Product Certificate (CPC certificate for short). Supplies, etc. will be required to issue a CPC certificate, otherwise they will not be sold. Although called a "certificate", the CPC certificate is not issued by any agency and does not need to be filed with the department. 

It is essentially a "guarantee" drafted and solely responsible by the manufacturer/importer, stating that its product complies with all U.S. local applicable children's products Safety regulations and other laws and regulations.

The US Amazon site requires that all children's toys and children's products must provide Children's Product Certificate (CPC certificate for short). Supplies, etc. will be required to issue a CPC certificate, otherwise they will not be sold. 

Although called a "certificate", the CPC certificate is not issued by any agency and does not need to be filed with the department. It is essentially a "guarantee" drafted and solely responsible by the manufacturer/importer, stating that its product complies with all U.S. local applicable children's products Safety regulations and other laws and regulations.

CPSC and ASTM are the testing standards in CPC certification. The specific testing content of each standard is related to the purchased products.

The main inspection contents are:

1. CPSIA total lead and phthalates;

2. American toy standard ASTM F963;

3. Electric Toys Safety Standard 16 CFR Part 1505;

4. Rattle toys require 16 CFR Part 1510;

5. Pacifier safety standard 16 CFR Part 1511;

6. Children's clothing, carpet combustion performance, such as 16 CFR Part 1610;

7. Children's products: baby carriages, cribs, fences, harnesses, safety seats, bicycle helmets and other product standards.

Sales in Europe Certification:CE

plush toy CE test report

The official definition of toys in the EU is: "any product or material designed or intended, whether or not exclusively, for use in play by children under 14 years of age". Common types of toys include plush toys, plastic toys, Electric toys, radio-controlled toys, wooden toys, cosmetic toys, etc.

Children's toys are exported to EU countries, the EN71 test report is very important, if the EN71 test report is not provided, children's toys may be subject to compulsory recall and sales ban

The EN 71 directive is one of the directives under CE certification. 

Children's toys must be certified to EN71 and pass the relevant tests to obtain the CE certificate. 

Children's toys EN71 is a technical specification for toy products entering the EU market in order to reduce or avoid the harm of toys to children.

Common items of EN71: EN71 implements many standards, among which the first three parts of the test are EN71-1, EN71-2, and EN71-3 before they can be allowed to enter the EU market.

The main test contents are physical and mechanical test, flammability test, toxic metal dissolution test. EN71-1, physical and mechanical performance test, mainly including sharp point sharp edge, tensile force, pressure test, etc. EN71-2, burning performance test, mainly includes the burning speed of toys, involving plush toys, textile toys and head-mounted toys. EN71-3, which specifies the maximum limit values of migratory elements (antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, tin) in accessible parts or materials of toys (eight heavy metal migration tests)

Sales in UK Certification: UKCA

UCKA testing

UKCA is the UK Conformity Assessed (UK Conformity Assessed) is the UK product marking requirements for products placed on the market in the UK (England, Scotland and Wales), replacing the EU requirements for CE marking (CE marking will continue to be in Northern Ireland accept). 

The UKCA mark will indicate that products placed on the UK market comply with UKCA certification requirements. 

The UKCA marking is specified in the original "EU export" UK statutory instrument, for most products. 

The UK Conformity Assessment Mark will be a mandatory mark on a product to show that it complies with UK law. 

The manufacturer or its authorised representative will be responsible for affixing the UKCA marking on the product, which is the same principle as the CE marking, but for the UK market.

Refer to toy CE certification, EN71-1 and EN71-2 test standards of EU for product testing content

Sales in Brazil Certification: INMETRO


INMETRO is Brazil's national accreditation body (Accreditation Body), responsible for the formulation of Brazilian national standards. Most of Brazil's product standards are based on IEC and ISO standards, and manufacturers who need to export their products to Brazil should refer to these two sets of standards when designing their products. Products that comply with Brazilian standards and other technical requirements must be marked with the mandatory INMETRO logo and the logo of an accredited third-party certification agency before they can enter the Brazilian market.

The main standards and regulations related to toys in Brazil are as follows:

1. MERCOSUR Resolution N 23/04 Technical Standard on Toy Safety

2. NM300-1 Safety of toys Part1: General, mechanical and physical properties

3. NM300-2 Safety of toys Part2:Inflammability

4. NM300-3 Safety of toys Part3:Migration of Certain Elements

5. NM300-4 Safety of toys Part4: Chemical Games of Experiments and related activities

6. NM300-5 Safety of toys Part5: Chemical Games of Experiments except games of experiments

7. NM300-6 Safety of toys Part6: Safety of electric toys

8. The National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality Administrative Rule 369

After obtaining the INMETRO certificate, the product must apply the INMETRO certification mark, which includes the INMETRO logo, the OCP logo and the OCP number

According to the INMETRO decree, different products have different certification validity periods. Generally 3 years (such as steel pipes) or 4 years (such as auto parts).

Notice2:Label Description

Regardless of which product is certified, the information to be included on the plush toy label:

- Certification marks (UCKA,CE,CPC,INMETRO etc)

- product information (name and description);

- all regulations and regulations applicable to the product;

- Manufacturer information: including name, address, telephone;

- The production date and address of the product, the production date must be in the year and month, and the address must be in the city;

- Detection time and address

- Information of third-party testing institutions (accredited laboratories): name, address, contact number

plush toy label info

Notice3:   Packaging Method

Size and weight requirements:

1. Amazon stipulates that a single box of packages cannot exceed 30kg. This is a mandatory standard set by amazon based on the efficiency of cargo handling. 

However, the specific requirements of different sites are different. The European site requires no more than 15kg, and the United States is 22kg. If the weight of a single piece exceeds the requirements, it is necessary to post an "overweight" warning sign on the four sides of the carton. (The label needs to be printed in color, and each side is not less than 8cm)

2. The size of any side of the carton cannot exceed 63.5 cm, unless the size of a single shipment exceeds 63.5 cm. Cartons over 63.5 cm in size (e.g. not transportable) must be placed on standard 1000x1250 mm pallets (UK only) or 800x1200 mm pallets (other European countries), unless a single shippable carton size exceeds Standard pallet size.

3. The size of the carton is selected to ensure the least free space after the goods are put in. Space utilization can also be maximized (as long as the products are not damaged) by using multiple packages in a single case.

4. Cartons that are determined to be sold together (eg: sets) weighing more than 30 kg must be placed on a single pallet (one sold item corresponds to one pallet) and need to be placed on all four sides of the carton 9) Cartons sold in a single piece Commodities (such as furniture) weighing more than 30 kg usually need to be palletized. Warning labels must be placed in appropriate locations on all four sides of the carton.

5. FBA requires the national standard to be pasted on the outer box; in order to distinguish the goods. The international style and color shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the document "National Flag Stickers 9.18 (CS4) Transition (1)". The size of the British FBA headway national standard is a square with a side length of 4cm. The national standard is pasted on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each box of goods, two.

Packaging material:

1. Amazon all over the world has a unified packaging standard for goods, and they all use standard six-sided cartons to package the goods.

2. Do not use damaged shipping boxes (partially or overall damaged) or polluted cartons (large areas painted on the periphery) to package goods.

3. Do not package products in biodegradable packaging.

4. Do not use soft and easily damaged cartons, the packaging must be hard enough to withstand any external pressure during the transportation of the goods.

5. The filling in the carton should not be filled with loose materials (such as foam or shredded paper), and the filling must be made of materials that can be accepted by Amazon. Use large size pads such as air pillows, whole sheets, foam paper or wrap.

6. When using reusable cartons, make sure the box flaps are intact.

7. The carton cannot be fixed or sealed with large staples or nylon fiber tape.

8. When transporting multiple cargo boxes, do not use packing tape, elastic band or other belts to bind the carton.

9. Do not add fillers, protective panels, cardboard, etc. to the periphery of the carton.

10. Unless the size of the carton of a single piece of goods exceeds the standard, the size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5cm.

11. Do not send cartons with the same size as the pallet size.

The goods that are rejected in the warehouse need to be sent back to the original place and repackaged into the warehouse. 

Therefore, before shipment, you need to carefully check whether the packaging of your own goods meets the requirements of the destination country, so as to avoid losses caused by rejection.

Notice4:   Shipping

1. Express delivery

The first shipping method of Amazon FBA is the four major express: USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL (it is suggested here that the express shipping method can only be selected in the local overseas warehouse with the express delivery method), this method is also the same as our domestic express delivery Similarly, one is logistics between countries, and the other is logistics between domestic locations and locations. International express can deliver the goods to customers in the shortest time, and the charges are relatively expensive. If the goods are not in a hurry, this method is not recommended, but for some documents and important samples, express transportation is still very suitable, at least to ensure the timeliness of delivery.

2. Air Freight

Air freight is the first method of Amazon FBA transportation: domestic pickup - departure from domestic airport - air freight to destination port - sub-regional delivery to Amazon FBA warehouse. Air freight has high timeliness, 6-12 working days in the United States. But at the same time, the cost is also very high, mainly involving freight and customs fees, which is very suitable for stocking and replenishment in the peak season of e-commerce.


3. Sea Shipping

Overall, ocean shipping is the slowest mode of logistics at present, and it is also the mode of transportation with the lowest main first-way transportation. The delivery time is about 15-40 working days, and the logistics time is much slower than the other two first-way transportation methods. Therefore, sea freight is also a logistics method with lower tariffs. The shipping volume is large, and because it is a sea voyage, there is basically no need to consider the restrictions caused by the weight of the goods. And the transportation is safe, and the goods can be guaranteed to be stable and not damaged in good sea conditions. In addition, the wide waterway of the sea road extends in all directions, and there is no danger of collision and rollover like car transportation. The biggest feature of ocean shipping is low price, large volume, and safe cargo, which is suitable for non-emergency replenishment.


 If you are an Amazon seller of plush toys or baby toys and baby products, after reading this article you will know all the Amazon product purchasing details. From product inspection, label content, packaging method to shipping method. Before purchasing products from your suppliers, please tell them your exact needs. Of course, if a mature and experienced supplier is excellent, they can give you a lot of advice without your reminder, preventing the product from being shipped. any problems arise.

Once one of these issues is not dealt with properly, it will bring unnecessary losses to Amazon plush toy merchants.

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