How To Wrap A Plush Toy: 4 Convenient Methods

June 29, 2022
How To Wrap A Plush Toy: 4 Convenient Methods

When preparing plush toys for long-distance shipment, you need to make a few key decisions. It includes finding the right shipping method, shipment cost, and time and managing the entire process. But, many plush toy companies and individuals overlook the plush toy wrapping system.

They think that they can simply wrap the plush toys with anything to ship it. Alas, how wrong they are! Proper wrapping of the plush toy is as crucial as its manufacturing quality to grab your customer’s attention.

Sadly, most people don’t know how to wrap plush toys. So, we will show you the best ways to wrap a plush toy and stuffed animal for proper shipment.

You can use OPP bags, vacuum compression methods, and packaging cartons to wrap the plush toys. It also includes acid-free tissue papers for expensive toys for longer protection. Plus, you must clean off the stuffed toys before wrapping them for shipment. You should give the toys an emotional touch with good tagging too.

4 Ways On How To Wrap Plush Toys

Did you receive a plush toy shipment order lately? Then, you should be glad but don't forget the proper shipping procedure. 

It starts with the accurate, reliable, and attractive wrapping of the plush and stuffed toys.

Before proceeding to the general guideline on wrapping and packaging the plush toy, let's see the four ways to wrap it.

Method 1: Use OPP bags:

OPP bags are known for their flexible packaging facility. It is made of Oriented Polypropylene, from where it gets the name OPP. 

The plastic is shiny, transparent, and non-stretchable. So, when you put the plush toys inside it and close the zipper of the OPP bags, it becomes sturdy yet flexible.

The toys inside won't move due to the non-stretchiness of the OPP bags. These bags are also difficult to tear. So, the plush toys inside it remain safe during the long shipping period. 

The OPP bags will offer better safety for the bagged plush toys even with thousands of materials inside the containe.

Method 2: Use Vacuum Compressors:

Vacuum compressors are machines designed to compress soft and flexible items into plain ones. As their volume decreases through the vacuum compression system, you won't lose space inside the large packaging cartoon.

Vacuum compressors are gettable from $100 to $500. So, you can choose the right ones. The size will depend on how many plush toys you will ship regularly. Using the plush toy vacuum compressor, you can easily compress the stuffed animals to reduce their volume and shipment cost.

You may watch the following YouTube video to learn about the vacuum compression of the single plush toy properly.

<iframe width="344" height="611" src="" title="Plush pillows vacuum compressed to reduce space" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Method 3: Vacuum compressing for multiple plush toys:

One of the best ways to wrap and ship many plush toys is to apply vacuum compressing. The method is straightforward. Use the vacuum compressing machine to compress and make the plush toys plain.

Once their volume decreases, you can wrap multiple compressed plush toys in a single OPP bag. It will reduce your cost of wrapping and shipment of plush toys.

Method 4: Proper carton packaging:

When you vacuum compress the plush toys and safely put them inside the OPP bags, it's time to introduce the last way for wrapping. 

Before you ship the plush toys, put them inside the carton for packaging.The packaging cartons are available in different sizes. 

Choose the right size for your plush toy shipment. When you put the plush toys inside the cartoon, ensure they aren't overnumbered.

General Guideline On Plush Toys Wrapping And Packaging

You can't do it scattered when you wrap and pack the stuffed animals for shipment. You need to proceed step by step.

Step 1: Check and clean the toys:

Before you wrap the plush toys, you should look for any damage in them. It is crucial because many plush toys may have wear and tear.

If your clients receive such damaged items, your business reputation will be at stake.

Next, you must dust off the plush toys to keep them neat and clean. It will keep the shiny look of the plush toys better.

Step 2: Give the plush toy an emotional touch:

Plush toys are truly an emotional part of many people. Many kids will treat their stuffed animal toys as their friends. That's why teddy bear, Pokemon, and large life-sized tiger or dog-shaped toys have become incredibly popular.

So, we suggest you provide an emotional touch on the plush toys as you wrap them. You can attach a nice hanging tag or gift card to the plush toy. 

You can custom print these cards or tags to make them unique for your company.

You may know more about the plush toy gift cards, tags, or sewing labels from here with great details.

Step 3: Choose the right wrapping material and method:

One of the most challenging parts of wrapping the plush toys is ensuring the furs' softness. The excess pressure may damage the fur when you use the vacuum compressing method. So, be careful when you perform the vacuuming task.

Next, choose the wrapping material. For large shipments, you should choose OPP bags for individual plush toys. If you have any custom packing, you may prefer beautiful wrapping papers.

Lastly, ensure that the wrapping is done properly to avoid exterior damages.

For more packaging requirements, please read "Hanging Tags, Sewing Label, Box, Toy Bags, The Complete Guide For Stuffed Toy Packaging"

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How do you protect plush?

For additional protection, you can use acid-free tissue paper to wrap the plush and stuffed toys. It increases their lifespan when not in display or during shipment.

2.     Can you store stuffed animals in plastic bags?

Regular plastic bags aren't ideal for storing and wrapping stuffed animals. You need OPP bags to wrap and store stuffed animals for better longevity and protection.


Wrapping a plush toy isn't rocket science. You must choose the right wrapping material, vacuum compress it, and wrap it properly. 

Also, you will require packaging it in the right carton so that its softness and fury feel remains intact. 

Once you wrap the plush toys appropriately, they will have an enhanced lifespan when not on display. Also, use customized tag cards to add an emotional attachment to every plush toy.

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