How To Ship Your Plush Toys – A Detailed Guide

June 26, 2022
How To Ship Your Plush Toys – A Detailed Guide

Plush and stuffed toysare the most popular toys worldwide. Thus, plush toy companies often need to ship their toys from one location to another. 

Similarly, you may also want to parcel plush toys to your loved ones residing in another country. 

For all these reasons, you must know how to ship plush toys. The key is to protect the fur and softness of the plush toys. Also, you need to take care of its shape, so it doesn't get damaged. 

Finally, you need to choose the right shipment method from the express, special line, and sea transportation systems. You should also know its cost.

Step By Step Guide - How To Ship Plus Toys

Plush toys are easily damageable. Thus, when shipping them a long-distance, you need to be careful. 

Also, you should choose the cheapest shipping method to save money. It will be crucial for large companies that often ship thousands of stuffed animal toys worldwide.

You need to pack the plush toy in a plastic bag, wrap it with a bubble wrapper and fill the empty spaces of the larger container. Finally, you seal the box with adhesive tape for shipment. You can then choose the right shipment system to parcel the toys.

Step 1: Packaging the plush toy:

You must pack the plush toy properly so its softness and fur remain intact. So, you should apply double packaging for the plush toys. 

Firstly, use a Ziploc or waterproof plastic bag to wrap and pack each plush toy.

Yet, it won't be ready for shipment in the larger containers.

Step 2: Wrap the plush toy containing bags:

You should also wrap the bag that contains the plush toy. Use a simple plastic wrapper to cover the bag carefully.

The wrapper will protect the baggage and stuffed plush toys from external damage. It is crucial for larger shipments in international freight containers.

You should use bubble wrap since it comes with the best protection. You can buy them in large amounts for your plush toy company.

Step 3: Put it in the container and fill empty spaces:

Put the plush toy containing the bubble wrapper in the large container. You may keep multiple toys in a large plastic container. 

When you complete the packaging, you will see empty spaces there. Fill the empty spaces with soft cotton, plastic, or paper. It will help hold the toys tightly.

You may also use naphthalene inside the container. It helps the toys to remove odor-free during the long shipment period. Alternatively, you can use naphthalene balls in each plastic bag.

Step 4: Seal the container:

You should also seal the plush toy-filled container appropriately. You will find commercial adhesive tape for this purpose. 

Wrap all the sides and opening of the container carefully. It will seal the packaging. So, don't ignore the step.

Step 5: Choose the right transportation method to ship the plush toys:

Finally, pick the right shipment method for the plush toys. There're many shipment and transportation methods available for it.

Express shipment:

If you want the fastest delivery of your plush toys to their destination, choose the express shipment. You may select FedEx or DHL confidently. Although the freight cost for the express delivery is the highest, it is useful for maintaining the schedule.

You will need to measure the shipped plush toys' actual weight and volume weight to find the freight cost. The process is as follows:

·        Multiply the length, width, and height of the shipped item

·        Divide it by 5000 to find the actual volume

You must use cartons to transport the plush toys through the express method.

If a plush toy manufacturer is willing to help you pack your products by vacuum transportation, it will help you save a lot of freight

How to compress plush toys?check here

Special line transportation:

Special line transportation companies have their shipment system. They may use airplanes, ships, or railways to transport the plush toys. So, the cost will vary depending on the type of their transportation. It would help if you discussed the medium of the shipment to find the actual cause.

The transportation time will also vary depending on the medium. You may choose from China, Japan, and China-US special lines for a cheaper and more reliable shipment.

Sea transportation:

Do you need to transport thousands of plush toys to America, Europe, or other world regions? If yes, you must choose sea transportation. 

It is the cheapest shipping method for any mass product worldwide.Of course, it takes time. So, you need to be careful with the timeframe of this shipment system. 

When you decide the sea transportation, you must consider the following two facts.

1.     Sea transportation will need at least 10CBM (Cubic-Meter) of goods.

2.     The shipment will need at least 25 to 30 days to reach its destination.

This shipment method for plush toys is applicable for intercontinental transportation. If you have large quantities of plush toys for shipment, you can choose the FCL container system.

For smaller amounts, you might choose the LCL container system. The LCL container shipment allows you to transport items in a grouped container.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Can you store stuffed animals in plastic bags?

Yes, you can store and parcel stuffed animals inside the plastic bags. However, you should also wrap it in a bubble wrapper and place it in a carton for the best protection during transportation.

2.     How to ship stuffed animals internationally?

There’re many shipment options for stuffed toys to transport globally. You may choose DHL, FedEx, UPS, or USPS for the fastest delivery of the stuffed toys to any location.

3.     What is the cost of international shipment for plush toys?

The cost depends on the weight of the plush toys and their volume. Usually, a single-piece plush toy shipment may cost you less than $20. However, for LCL container shipment, you may need to pay from $200 to $2500 or more, depending on how many stuffed animals you will ship.


Shipping any plush toys isn't any rocket science. You must first bubble wrap the toy, put it in a carton, and fill it with cotton, paper, or plastics. Then, seal it using waterproof adhesive tape. Plush toy companies can use larger cartons to seal many stuffed toys simultaneously.

You can also choose express, special line, and sea transportation systems to complete the plush toy shipment. It won't require much time investment but of course, will need e hefty cost.

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