How To Manage Plush Toy Storage

September 09, 2022

No doubt, plush toys are the most favorite of all, including parents. So, every home has a few plush and stuffed animal toys. Its cuteness and cuddling properties make everyone fall in its love. The problem starts when there are too many plush toys in your kids' room, and all are scattered. That's why finding the proper storage management for plush toys is significant.

But most people are overwhelmed when they hear how to manage plush toy storage. They think there's no way to remove the scatter, and they will see the toys here and there in their home unless kids grow up.

Well, that's far from the truth. You can easily manage the plush toy storage with a few DIY projects. You can create a woven basket, hanging mesh hammock, or stuffed animal zoo to manage the plush toy storage. Alternatively, you may use the space underneath the bed and inside the closet. The idea is to utilize any homeroom and store the plush toys.

How To Manage Plush Toys: Top 6 Ideas

Managing plush toys isn't as tricky as most parents assume. You may quickly store the toys and help them look arranged with a few accessible works. We will show you the top six ideas for correctly holding plush and stuffed animal toys.

Plastic tubs:

Plastic tubs are revered highly for their easy installation and almost lifelong service. You can quickly mount a couple of plastic tubs on the wall and create shelves inside it to store the plush toys. It will be excellent storage for large toys such as teddy bears or stuffed animal.

Depending on the size and number of toys you want to store, there's an option to customize the plastic tubs. Also, with limitless color options, it is easy to arrange the plastic tubs to match your home décor. Usually, grey, royal blue, pink, and white colors suit the most.

Hanging mesh hammock:

Can you remember your last adventure day when you slept on a hammock? Well, you can hang the hammock to store plush toys too. Arranging a hammock in your kids’ room with their help will boost their creativity. Its crochet design with meshes helps keep the plush toys in good condition for long. Also, it is the most affordable storage idea for stuffed and plush toys.

The kick you will get from installing a wall-hanging hammock is also recommendable.

Create a stuffed animal zoo:

Although it might seem absurd, you can create a stuffed animal zooto store all plush toys. You may easily place it in one corner of the room, and it will still look beautiful. The animal zoo will take your kid's imagination and playing facility with the toys to a new level.

You can DIY create the project home with a few pieces of long wood blocks and metals. Or, you can get it online. Inside the animal zoo, you can have multiple shelves or one tall box to store all the stuffed toys. Lastly, the stuffed animal zoo is made for all, with various coloring options and sizes. You can choose from large, medium, and small stuffed animal zoos.

Even if you run short of space, you can place it on top of the kid's bed, at the side of the furniture, and anywhere you wish.

Reuse the closet space:

You can create space inside the closet if you don't want to spend hugely on plush toy storage. There you can efficiently store all the plush and stuffed toys. You can install a closet organizer and easily clean up the piles of plush toys. For this, you will only need a used closet organizer and set it inside the wardrobe.

You may get a closet organizer at around $20 to $35. So, it won't be an expensive investment either. You can put as many plush toys as you want inside the organizer without any issues.

Use the space underneath the bed:

One of the top ways to utilize home space to store plush toys is the place underneath the beds. You must put clean paper or cloth on the floor and remove the plush toy pile. It will hide the plush toys and keep your home neat and clean.

Also, you can create small create and keep the plush toys there. Finally, push the stuffed toy-filled crate underneath the bed and enjoy a clutter-free space.

A toy basket never goes wrong:

Toy baskets are a traditional way to store all sorts of toys. The best part of these toy baskets is that you can get them in many shapes, sizes, and colors with quick customization. You can choose a simple design and complete the DIY project within a few hours.

It is one of the best ideas to hide plush toy storage. Also, it is an affordable way for all.

Tips On Storing Plush Toys Correctly:

When you store plush toys, you should consider a few facts. It will make the storage management of the plush toys comfier and easier.

ü You must keep the plush toys where kids can access them easily. It will keep them joyous as they can access the toys easily whenever they want to play.

ü The storage must be a simple one. You should be able to dismantle it conveniently.

ü The storage space and toys should be easy to clean. It is crucial since plush toys catch dust and residues pretty quickly.

ü The storage should be simple and safe for kids. You shouldn’t use materials that are unsafe for kids.

ü For storing the plush toys, consider your room space closely. You must utilize the areas without any flaws.


Managing plush toys isn't difficult as long as you properly utilize the space. Here we have shown you the top 6 ways to manage plush toy storage. Also, you can look at the space allotment of your home to store the plush and stuffed toys. Whatever storage management idea you choose, ensure kids can easily access it. If they can't get the toys quickly, it will frustrate them. At that time, you will have difficulty calming them down. Henceforth, never place the storage too high or in a space where kids can reach.




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