How to Make Slippers from Stuffed Animals

March 14, 2023
How to Make Slippers from Stuffed Animals

Do you have a stuffed animal or plush toy at home but no use? Then, I have a suggestion for you. You can use the item to make eye-catchy slippers. But you may think about how to make slippers from stuffed animals. 

Making slippers from plush toys is a fun and creative way to upcycle them. After all, the result of using stuffed animals is brilliant. You can feel the coziness and warmth of the slippers. Also, you can consider them as a unique and personalized gift for a favorite person. 

Slippers out of stuffed animals are equally suitable for kids, babies, and pets. However, it depends on which size slippers you want to make from the material. In this blog, I will review the steps to make your stuffed animal slippers.

How to Make Slippers From Stuffed Animals:

Making slippers for you or your kids from the old plushies can be fun. As you enjoy the weekend or long vacation, making these slippers with your family members will enhance your bonding too. Plus, it inspires kids to unfold their creativity.  

Materials Needed:

You may need several materials and tools to make slippers from stuffed animals like these:

Stuffed animal (in my example, it's a teddy bear)




●Thread (can be colorful)

●Sewing machine 

●Fabric glue

●Fleece or felt (for indoor slippers)

●Leather or rubber (for outdoor slippers)

For making the slippers aesthetic, you can use these materials:

●Straps or closures

●Buttons or ribbon

●Eyes of the stuffed animal 

Prepare the Stuffed Animal:

So, you have one or multiple stuffed animals at home, right? To make slippers using them, you must first prepare them. Hence, preparation includes removing the stuffing of the toy. Then, you should follow other steps like cutting according to size and shaping the fabric. 

Let's assume you have a medium or large teddy bear. Now, you can start by cutting a small hole in the bottom. You may also make a hole in the back of the stuffed bear. Thus, some plush toys have a chain at their back which may reduce the hassle of cutting any holes. 

After cutting the hole, carefully pull the stuffing out of it. Take scissors to cut the animal into the shape of a slipper after removing the stuffing. Also, try to ensure to leave some extra fabric around the edges for sewing.

Make the Sole for Slippers:

At this step, you need to make the sole of the slippers. You can choose any material for the sole depending on the intended use of the slipper. You can use a soft, non-slip fabric such as fleece or felt for indoor use. A thicker and more robust material, such as leather or rubber, would be better for outdoor use.

After choosing the sole material, use a pencil to draw lines to give the material a sole shape. Cut it to the shape of the slipper. You may use a tape measure to accurately measure the sole as it ensures comfort. Also, you should choose a non-skidding sole for better safety. 

Then, please attach it to the bottom of the stuffed animal fabric using fabric glue or a sewing machine. Be careful when you sew the fabric to the sole to ensure the outlook remains promising. Using colorful threads may give the slippers an artistic look. 

Finishing Touches:

You can add straps or closures to keep them securely on your feet to complete making the slippers from a stuffed animal. Adding embellishments like buttons or ribbons can give the slippers a more personalized touch. 

Again, be creative and have fun with it! You can add the teddy’s eye on the frontend of the slippers by gluing them. If you are making them for Christmas eves, you may decorate them accordingly. It all rests on your creativity level.  

Final Verdict:

I hope you have learned how to make slippers from stuffed animals well. This DIY project requires the least effort and a few minutes. Overall, it’s a fantastic method to use old, of-no-use plush toys to transform them into usable, unique, and comfy footwear. Following the steps I have discussed in this blog, you can easily make your own stuffed animal slippers. 

So, next time you have a stuffed animal or plush toy that you no longer use, consider turning it into a pair of unique and cozy slippers. Happy crafting!

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