How to make cartoon characters into stuffed toys | chaoman toy

April 14, 2022
How to make cartoon characters into stuffed toys | chaoman toy

If you're looking to create custom stuffed toys of your favorite cartoon characters, look no further! Our team of expert designers can help bring your ideas to life.For different cartoon characters, it is not easy to make stuffed toys. This depends on the complexity of cartoon modeling.An excellent product designer can make a complex cartoon image into a stuffed toy according to different fabrics, materials and process improvements, and can quickly calculate the cost of mass production, which requires high professionalism of the designer. Chaoman toy has its own team of young designers

Looking for a fun and creative way to market your gift company or store? Why not make cartoon character stuffed toys! They're sure to be a big hit with kids and adults alike. Plus, they're easy and inexpensive to make. Here's how you can get started.If you've ever seen a cute cartoon character and wished you could have your own little plush toy version of them, then this blog post is for you! In today's guide, we're going to show you how to make simple stuffed toys out of any cartoon character that you like. So no matter whether it's your favorite anime character or just a funny animal, there's no need to go store-hopping for an overpriced plush. Instead, follow our easy instructions and make one yourself!

Start with a teddy bear as an example

Plush fabric making

The teddy bear's design is a result of careful planning and attention to detail by its designer. I have seen Disney's plush toys before, but never one so fancy as this! The cashmere fibers make up some of the soft skin on these bears; they're not just sew-in patches like other companies might do for their products either - no sirree bobbie done right here folks...

The Appearance Of The Teddy Bear Is specially Designed By Designer

There are many kinds of plush materials, and now most plush fabrics are recyclable and environmentally friendly plush fabrics

The teddy bear's design was specially created to look like the soft and cuddly toy that it is now known as. I have seen Disney plush toys before, but never one so rich in cashmere quality!

I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not yet--but some skins are directly made from ready-made fabric called "cashmeres."

The schematic diagram of the velvet cutter is somewhat similar to a razor. If it keeps a certain distance from the towel, it will only cut off the loop and cut the surface of the towel to the same height, and the finer "fluff" will come out.

Sliced Cardboard Design

The designer will consider the influence of different fabrics on each part, and also take into account customer's target price or production time factors. This is an important step in designing a mascot

I'm going to explain what you just read over again because it’s crucial that we get this right! You see before cutting any fabric for our new Mascot costume there are two things I need: 1) A design plan 2), figuring out how much material each section should be made out off so once those dimensions have been determined then all.

Cut the skin

The bear's body is made up of various parts that need to be cut. The head, hands and feet can all stand on their own without any assistance from other limbs but it takes more than just those basic foundations for this furry friend--the rest have specific purposes in mind! Now we all use laser cutting machines to cut material slices. If it is a large batch order, Chaoman Toy has its own electric cutting machine that can cut 50,000 pieces at one time!

sewing & hand working

Then use a sewing machine to sew up the bear's limbs and body, leaving only a small opening, and then use it to fill the cotton fiber~

To turn the fur inside out, they've got to use this stick-like tool that goes right through all of it and turns everything facedown so you can see where we sewn up each individual plushie's skin.

binding eyes or embroidered

Before the head was cut with a mold, two small holes were left by the way. This is the position used to bind the bear's eyes~ The worker first selects the plastic eyes and matching eye spacers.

On the inward-facing side, use the tool to hold the entire eye in place before flipping it over.

Different animals, different designs, and different crafts have different production processes. If you don’t want to use plastic eyes, you can use embroidery expressions. 

At this time, we need to do embroidery work on the slices before sewing.

filling polyester

Assemble the body

Generally, after the plush toy is filled, the unsewn limbs and head can be directly sewed to the torso. As for the teddy bear assembly introduced today, joints will be used, which is related to different types of plush toys. The picture below shows a worker sewing a pin-like part into the bear's head.Then, in each part of the limbs, also nail the corresponding parts, and finally do a screw assembly.

At the only opening in the back of the torso, stitch the final step of shaping.

The final step is finishing the fluff

Finally, brush the fluff, trim the length with scissors, so that the bear looks natural and fluffy, a cute nightmare guardian - plush toy bear, it is ready!

Custom plush toy manufacters of your dreams.We've created the perfect tool to make your own plush toy. With our design tool, it's easy to make your own custom plush toy - with no design skills needed. All you need is a good idea and a few minutes of your time. What are you waiting for? Start designing now!These fun, plush stuffed animals are made of polyester and have been designed to offer a wide variety of expressions. Each animal has unique features that make it fun to interact with them. The characters can be played with or simply enjoyed for their beautiful designs.

chaoman toy company is not only a toy maker, but also a toy creator. Yes, we create toys, but not just a toy, beyond the toys, we can also lean something while playing, so every toy is meaningful.

Our factory has more than 8000 square meters, the previous one plus the new one, we have a professional quality management system and a couplet supply chain system.

From concept to finished products, a completed product needs to go through multiple links such as design, sample making, technological process, packaging, transportation, etc.    Each link has an independent operating system, we believe that it can be better if we put professional people in the right spots. It looks simple, but it need to go through more than 20 steps.

Chaoman toy designs baby toys, pet toys, stuffed toys, plush slippers. For more products, please check the website

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