How To Make A Toy Out Of Recycled Materials?

July 11, 2022

This article only teaches you to use the recycled fabric DIY plush toys you can get. If in the process of mass production, the fabric factory will use machines to make recyclable and environmentally friendly fabrics from recycled plastic bottles.

Do you have used cardboard left in your home? Or maybe you have an unused woolen fabric in the closet? If yes, you can make a plush toy or cardboard doll housing them. What's more, creating a simple car with a coca-cola can and four wheels is possible. Moreover, you can make a chewable toy for your pet dogs and cats with recycled materials.

Making a toy out of recycled materials isn't tough at all. You only need to know how to make a toy out of recycled materials.

The process starts by finding recyclable materials in your home. Then, use your imagination to create the form in your mind and start working on it. Also, you will need immense attentiveness and patience to create the toy.

How To Make A Toy Out Of Recycled Materials:

Recyclable materials are usable in various projects. You need to be creative about it. We will show you the making process of soft toys using old cloth and toy cars using old plastic bottles. It will ensure that you don't through away these recycled items to increase garbage.

Guide 1: Make A Plush Toy Using Recycled Clothing:

Using cotton and old fabrics is the easiest way to create an affordable yet attractive stuffed toy. You may also decorate the stuffed toy with used clothing and buttons.

Step 1: Pick the right fabric and create the shape:

Stronger and thicker fabrics will be a better choice for creating a plush toy. It will provide better durability and softness to the toy. Once you have picked the right fabric, you must create the shape. For this, use a pencil to outline.

After creating the outline, use scissors to cut it accordingly. It is easy to cut the stuffed toy shape as it doesn’t need to be 100% precise. You may pick any shape for these custom plush toys.  

Step 2: Attach the sides of the toy:

You may sew the sides of the stuffed toys or attach them with hot glue or staples. We recommend you use a hot glue gun and glue adhesive to stick the two sides of the toy. It is the easiest way, even if you don't have any prior knowledge of it.

Use the hot glue to run it across all sides of the plush toy fabric. Ensure that the glue is at least ½ inches away from the edges, or it may not work properly. After applying the glue, press the sides to help them stick better. Also, it would help if you left the mouth of the toy open so that you stuff cotton inside it. Following this method, you may easily create a soft, plush pillow for comfort.

Since plush and stuffed toys are for kids, we discourage you from using staples. It can hurt them.

Step 3: Flip the fabric:

As you staple or glue the fabric, its plush side will be inside. Now, carefully flip the fabric out of it. As you flip over the fabric, ensure that the glue remains intact. We suggest you wait for a couple of hours after applying the glue. It helps the glue to stick better when you flip the fabric.

Step 4: Fill the inside of the toy:

Now, stuff the toy with cotton. You need to use clean cotton to remain in good condition for a long period. You may also find stuffing items in local toy stores. If you have leftover cotton from an old pillow, you can treat it in the sun and use it inside the toy.

Step 5: Close the toy and decorate it:

To stuff the toy, you must apply the hot glue to the gap you previously left. After stuffing and covering the gap, you may decorate the toy. You can create eyes on the toys and necks. You may use buttons, fabric markers, or googly eyes for this.

Also, you may order online toy accessories to decorate your stuffed toy.  

Tip 2: Use Old fabric And Cotton To Make A Pet Toy:

If you have a pet dog or cat at home, you should supply them with toys they can chew and bite. It helps them exercise their teeth and will save expensive items at home. You can now use recycled materials to make this eco-friendly and pet chewable toy.

Step 1: Gather your recycled materials:

You will need used clothing or rags to build this pet toy. Also, you will need multiple strings and a pencil marker to customize the toy. Look around your household to gather all the recyclable items. Plus, you will require scissors and glue to assemble the toy.

For the clothing, we recommend you use old fleece fabric. Pets will love fleece fabric for chewing.

Step 2: Prepare and cut the outline:

Since it will be a toy for your pets, you can literally unfold your imaginative power here. You can make it look like a teddy bear, dog, sea animal, etc. So, use your imagination and outline the shape of the pet toy accordingly.

Use the pencil to prepare the outline. Also, cut the used fleece fabric with scissors. You can easily cut through the fabric as you don't need to be precise with the cutting.

Step 3: Glue the chewing toy and stuff it:

You will need to glue the edges of the toy. You should use the hot glue gun with adhesive to attach the two parts of the fabric. Ensure that you glue the edges leaving ½ inches around the edges. After applying the glue, press it so that it sticks better.

Now, stuff the pet toy with used cotton through its opened mouth.

Step 4: Finish up the decoration of the pet toy:

You may decorate the toy as you wish. Also, it is suggested that you wrap the toys with a few strings. You may use eco-friendly jute strings for wrapping it or old fabrics. You can tear apart the fabric and use it to cover the pet toy slightly. Finally, decorate the pet toy with eyes and ears.

Your dog or cat will surely love chewing it. Plus, your furry friend will fall in love with its cute design.


Environmental pollution is increasing rapidly worldwide. One of the best ways to minimize it is to recycle used items to decrease trash. Henceforth, you can easily create DIY stuffed toys, pillows, car toys, or trains from recyclable household items. The DIY project will be truly fun. Also, you can prepare these toys with your kids to inspire them to use recyclable items more and more. It will further unfold their creativity.



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