How To Make A Stuffed Animal Zoo?: Top Ideas Described

March 21, 2023

A stuffed animal zoo can be an excellent recreational place for kids and you. It helps kids learn through interactive playtime with stuffed animals. Also, with a theme identical to popular zoos, kids will get the experience of roaming around it. 

Thankfully, the DIY stuffed animal zoo-making process is relatively easy. And we will make it easier with our tips on how to make a stuffed animal zoo. So, are you excited about our quick tips and suggestions?

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Zoo?

When you decide to make a customized stuffed animal zoo, you first need to select the types of plush toys you will keep here. Then, select the fabric type, stuffing, sewing technique and decorative ideas. And without wasting time, let’s jump into the process. 

Things You Will Need to Create a Stuffed Animal Zoo

Making a stuffed animal zoo from scratch is easier than you may think! All you need is some spare fabric, stuffing and whatever materials you want for creating the animal shapes. 

Fabric: Choose fabric in different colors and patterns to give your animals personality. Cotton or other lightweight materials are great for making animals.

Stuffing: Traditional stuffing made from polyester fibers is the most popular option. Also, you can work with felt pieces, beans or yarn.

Tools: You'll need a sewing machine, measuring tape, scissors, pins and thread. First, you must ensure they're stuffed with the filling of your choice. Afterwards, you can use fabric markers to add eyes, noses and other features.

Accessories: Add accessories like trees, rocks or logs to help create habitats for your stuffed animals. Fabric paint or dyes can be used to give these elements added flair.

Preparing the Space 

After preparing or gathering all the stuffed animals you need, it's time to prepare the space. The space must be large enough to accommodate all your stuffed animals!

Measure twice and cut once. Ensure that you measure out the space available and plan accordingly. You may need to cut down some of your boards to fit them into the allotted space.

Create barriers: Place boards vertically along their length and horizontally across their width. It will form the frame for your zoo. You may even create barriers between sections of the zoo for aesthetic purposes.

Install lighting and decorations. Place lights strategically throughout your stuffed animal storage space. Also, add some decorations like banners or flags for extra flair!

Setting Up Houses and Playgrounds

You can make cute and cozy houses to display the stuffed animals. You can use felt, fabric scraps, cardboard boxes, and hot glue. Plus, you can get creative with the designs and colors. It ensures that each house is unique to its inhabitant. Felt is ideal as it doesn't fray when cut into pieces so that it will hold up against wear and tear.

Adding Fun Accessories to Enhance the Zoo

Making your stuffed animal zoo is a great way to bring nature into your home. But why stop there? You can spruce up your plush and stuffed toys by adding some fun accessories! Here are a few decorative and product ideas to get you started:

A Pond

A pond is a perfect way to add a bit of peacefulness to your stuffed animal zoo. You can add a simple plastic pond filled with water and floating plants. Or else, you can get creative and make one from scratch out of colored felt or foam! Either way, it's sure to be an eye-catching addition.

Trees and Bushes

Trees and bushes are essential for any stuffed animal zoo. You can use real plants if you want. However, for a low-maintenance option, you can make them out of fabric leaves sewn onto cardboard branches. Or, create felt trees with mini stuffed animals perched in the branches!

The best part is to engage your kids with the making process. It unfolds their creativity too. 


Figurines are a great way to add some excitement too. Consider adding toy vehicles or figurines of people or animals that would normally live in the wild. It can be deer, bears, birds, etc. They'll add a new dimension of playfulness to your zoo and bring it to life. Plus, kids will love them. 


While making a stuffed animal zoo, you can genuinely unfold your creativity. Engaging kids and enhancing your bonding with them is a great idea. You may add giraffes, pups, squirrels, and plushies to make the stuffed zoo place. 

The initial labor for the DIY stuffed animal making and placement can be tedious. However, when you finish the project, you will surely appreciate it. 

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