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May 07, 2022 is a Chinese B2B platform, on this website you can find any product you want to purchase, of course if you want to customize a product you can also find the supplier you want on this website, you can contact them directly, or you can place an online order on this site for some products wholesale. But the search sorting rules on the Alibaba platform are complex. It is not the first factory that is the most suitable supplier for you. We need to judge according to your own situation. How to find a suitable supplier is not an easy job, this article will tell you how to find a suitable factory or service provider on the Alibaba platform

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In order to intuitively understand the capabilities of suppliers, let's first analyze those supplier marks on Alibaba.

When we open any Alibaba merchant homepage, the most important information as store years, the type of store, the transaction level, the transaction amount transaction quantity, the response rate, etc.       verified supplier

Store years

The year of the store is an important piece of information, because you don’t want to cooperate with a supplier and the supply will go out of business next year. The best store year is 3-8 years, because less than 3 years belong to risky companies, and their stability Insufficient, whether it can survive in the future is a question. I do not recommend you to choose more than 8 years, because the longer the time is, these companies will become less sincere and responsible, because they have many customers and will not Serving you from the perspective of a small business, it will even reject your excessive product changes.

Type of store

There are two types of stores on Alibaba, one is a gold supplier, the other is a verified supplier, according to Alibaba's official description, check: there is a big difference in authenticity between these two types of suppliers.

The biggest difference is authenticity but in my opinion, these do not work well, because although Alibaba says these suppliers are third-party certified companies, such as SGS, TUV certified, but as far as I know these certifications have large unreal ingredients.

gold supplier vs verified supplier on alibaba

I say this for two reasons

  1. 1. I have personally experienced Alibaba's certified membership service, and I have communicated with many friends who have opened stores on Alibaba. Those third-party testing companies only check the documents. As long as the documents meets the standards, the merchant only needs to spend money to get a verified logo, those third-party verification companies will not carefully check the company's title certificate information, the specific number of employees, employees' monthly salary records, employee insurance records, order purchase invoice records, machinery and equipment purchase invoices, etc. 

2. Alibaba's sales team has a complete training system, and they have a high commission. Whenever they sell a company and apply for a verified supplier, they will get 30% of the supplier's service fee. This is a high commission on sales, since a basic verified provider costs $30,000 for two years of service, which is not a small amount. Alibaba needs to make money, so verified suppliers are a big money-making channel. The service fee of $30,000 for 2 years cost only $2,000, so Alibaba tells those certified merchants that if you are a verified supplier, you will get Alibaba traffic support and search ranks, This is an unfair inducement for a platform-based company, like robbery, telling you that you only need to pay, and I will give you visitors!!

So please ignore the gold supplier and verified supplier on Alibaba platform,it is just a reference factor

Type of company

There are three types of companies, trading company, manufacturer, trading and manufacturing company.

Trading companies do not have factories, they often just buy products from factories and sell, so they can sell many types of products, for example, you can see a supplier selling plastic toys, stuffed toys, toy accessories, etc., 

Manufacturers have their own factories and production lines, they usually only produce a specific product, such as only plastic toys, but not plush toys, these manufacturers are very professional in a certain field.

In addition to these, you will also see some suppliers namely It is a factory and a trading company. This kind of company usually separates the trading department from the factory, and each department does professional business.

Different company types have different focuses. If you are hesitant to choose a trading company or a manufacturer, please read "Trading company or manufacturer which one is good".

Transaction level

Supplier Online Performance Index (Supplier Index) is classified into 6 levels (0-5, with 5 being the highest level). 

Supplier Index on alibaba

If the transaction amount is higher, the level will be higher, the higher of merchant ranking will be, and the merchant will get more inquiries. The transaction ability is the embodiment of the merchant's strength, but it does not mean that the high level of the merchant is better, because the transaction ability is periodicity, the level index is related to the GMV amount, not the number of transactions. If a merchant has a large customer who places a large purchase order, the level of the merchant will increase a lot.

Search Product or Supplier

There are two ways to search on Alibaba, one is to search for the product you want, and the other is to search for suppliers who can make the product you want. Most consumers will choose the first way to search,even if they have their own concept products need to find suppliers for OEM, they still want to refer to similar products on the platform.

If you are searching for a product,here is the list

Search Products on alibaba

Although you see a lot of products in the product search list, if you look closely, you will find that the first screen of your computer is full of advertisements!!!

The first line is the only supplier, and the advertising fee for this position is very expensive, estimated at $80,000 per year!

The remaining 1-6 products are marked with red squares in the picture. They are all advertisements. The first three are fixed advertisements for keyword positions, and the last three are advertisements for keyword placement.

I know that advertising on the platform is essential, but these suppliers are not suitable for you, because they have invested a lot of advertising on Alibaba,it is conceivable that their advertising costs will be passed on to consumers. 

If you are a small companies, I don't recommend you choose them.You can read a few more pages and consider the merchant's transaction, star rating, evaluation, and whether it is a certified merchant.I hope you can communicate with more merchants and choose the supplier you want according to the services they provide.

If you are searching for a supplier,here is the list

supplier list on alibaba

If you want to directly find the supplier who made your product, when you search by manufacturer you will find that the ordering of this supplier list seems to have no rules, they seem to be fair, the suppliers are arranged randomly, but if you open alibaba You will see the clues in the mobile application. Alibaba will let the verified supplier come first !


Alibaba is a commercial platform company. There are hundreds of thousands of suppliers in Alibaba. Due to fierce competition, these suppliers have to spend money to obtain more product rankings. It is also common to make fake reviews. Alibaba Even the default merchants do this, when you read the above article to understand the nature of Alibaba's ranking, if you want to find a suitable supplier on Alibaba, this is my suggestion.

  1. 1.the size of your company

  2. If you are an individual entrepreneur who is just starting out, or a startup company with less than ten people, when you are looking for a supplier on Alibaba, it is recommended to consider the supplier's service ability, product creativity ability, problem-solving ability, and finally consider Supplier's production scale and product price, because startups need good products and a supplier who can make good products. When a product becomes a hot-selling product, then consider the supplier's price and strength.

  3. If you are a mature large company and need to find a matching supplier, you just need to filter out the search criteria and only search for the supplier's size, certificate, store years, etc.

  4. 2. Try searching for the company's name online

  5. Google is a very fair search engine, if you choose several suppliers on Alibaba, you can search the supplier's name or brand on Google, you will find their social media information and website information, observe them before Published content to find out if a company puts the customer first!

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