Where Can I Buy Cheap Plush Toy

September 14, 2022

Most plush toys are non-essential, but for children they are also part of the entertainment. 

A small amount of plush toys can be used as collections, and most plush toys are disposed of as garbage after a few years of use, so for plush toy buyers, buying cheap plush toys can improve their quality more. Profit, only with profit can the enterprise continue to operate for a long time.

This article tells you where to buy cheap plush toys.

Wholesale markets for cheap plush toys

Many babies love plush toys because of their soft touch and realistic shapes. Plush toys are not just for children, but can also be used as decorations in the home.

 How do you find a wholesaler who sells plush toys

There are many wholesalers that sell plush toys around the globe, including Fashion TIY.

 You can wholesale plush toys by clicking here. Wholesale plush toys can be as low as 70% and require no minimum order.

 It saves you on average more than 40% compared to other online wholesale markets.

They can obtain the lowest ex-factory prices because of their steady cooperation with the factory.

cheap plush toy

Learn about the global plush toy industry chain

There are hundreds of new toys being produced each year by new manufacturers.

 This has made the toy market more diverse and crowded than ever.

The $20.36 billion industry is coming off its highest annual revenue growth in 17 year, aided by an increase in entertainment sector toy licensing.

This has given it the resources and motivation to move on to the next level.

This industry expansion has brought with it an ever-growing supply chain complexity, which can pose potential risks to safety as well as performance.

To keep up with the changes in the industry, the toy sector is increasing its attention to the safety of its manufacturing processes and its supply chain processes.

 Manufacturers can gain greater visibility into their product supply chains to increase consumer trust and ensure that toys remain safe for consumers.


Buy from India

Features: Price Cheap; Quality Bad; Easy Toy Design; long Production Time;     

Visit site:

 India wholesale market

India is a poor and backward country with a large population. Although their GDP maintains a high growth rate, due to the deep-rooted cultural influence of national culture, religious beliefs and social classes, India is a country with a large gap between the rich and the poor.

There are a lot of cheap labor in India, and the plush toy industry, as a labor-intensive industry, can naturally develop very well in India. 

However, the industrial chain of India is immature. Many plush fabrics are imported from China, and they are not able to create new materials.

India can certainly produce simple textiles, but because of their backward machines and simple processes, these textiles are not environmentally friendly and even contain heavy metals.

If you want to buy plush toys from India, please think twice, although they can provide cheap products, but these products may be harmful to health. 

If you have high quality product needs, if your target customer is babies, please stay away from India.

Buy from Vietnam

Features: Quality Normal; Price Normal; Raw Materials Dependents Import;

With the transfer of labor-intensive industries from China, Vietnam is an ideal industrial distribution center. 

The labor force in Vietnam is very cheap, and the quality of employees will gradually increase with the investment in industrialization. 

For example, Nike's factory in Vietnam has 20,000 employees, and many Chinese companies also choose to invest in Vietnam to build factories, such as Xiaomi and Huawei. 

When capital is willing to invest, the quality of employees and production quality will gradually improve.

Vietnam's plush toy industry chain is the same as India's. Most of the raw materials are imported from China. Vietnam only provides the labor force of the chain. 

However, due to the inconvenience of Vietnam's ports and the lack of transportation, the shipping costs are relatively high. Compared with China, China is still is the largest supplier in the world.

With the entry of capital into the Vietnamese market, the local GDP has been driven, and the average monthly wages of employees have been greatly improved, and the market will now enter a state of saturation. In terms of product quality and price, Vietnam does not have many advantages compared with Chinese exports.


Buy from China

Features: High quality. Middle Price



China's plush toy industry has a 40-year history, mature industrial facilities, and China's reform and opening-up policies have made this industry develop rapidly. 80% of the world's toys come from China.

At the same time, China also has a huge and convenient transportation system, with advanced equipment and cheap transportation.

so made in China has the best quality and the most suitable price in the world.

With the upgrading of the industrial chain and the trade war, many industrial chains have relocated to Southeast Asian countries, but with the accumulation of infrastructure construction in China over the years.

It is unavoidable to rely on China to do business in the short term for 30 years.

The plush toy wholesale markets in China are Yangzhou, Yiwu, Hebei and Shenzhen. If you want to see more information about Chinese plush toy manufacturers, please read "Top 5 cities for stuffed toys manufacturing in China | Chaoman Toy"


The above content is about where to buy cheap plush toys, this article lists three countries, you can choose indifferently when you buy, such as the United States, Japan, although they are of good quality, 

because they are all handmade , but their wholesale prices are very expensive. 

If you're considering buying two or three plush toys to try, there's absolutely no need to source them from other countries.

If you want to get into the business of selling plush toys, reading this article will help you a lot.

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