What Is CE Stuffed Animal Company?

February 10, 2023

Stuffed animals and plushies are kids' constant companions. They will keep their favorite stuffed toys even close to them during sleep. Thus, parents are concerned about the hygiene and cleanliness of these toys. One way to ensure the stuffed toys' safety features, cleanliness, and hygiene is to look for CE certification.

So, what is CE stuffed animal company? Also, where do you get the kids' CE and ODM-certified stuffed toys? This blog post will help you know everything you must understand about CE certification and how plush companies acquire them.

What Is CE Certification?

  CE testing report

As we talk about CE certification, let’s clarify it. CE certification is necessary for products sold in the EU (European Union) market. Usually, the CE certification ensures the following standards:

 1.The manufacturer has assessed their products for quality and safety

 2.The  plushies are made following the safety guidelines of the EU

 3.These products follow standard  environment and health protection guidelines

You see that products with CE certification suggest they are health safe for humans. Also, they have been manufactured following EU standards. It also indicates that the plushies and stuffed animals are safe for the environment too. 

So, they don't have any materials that can harm the environment and human health.

Following the CE certification definition, it ensures stuffed animals are safe for kids. So, as parents, you must choose stuffed animals and plushies with the correct CE approval. But the question is, "Where to find a CE stuffed animal company?"

The following discussion will answer it.

What Is CE Stuffed Animal Company?

A CE stuffed animal company means it has CE approval for its plushies. So, their stuffed animals are allowed to be sold in the European market. Also, it ensures the stuffed animals have the following standards:

 1. The  stuffed toy company has checked the quality of their stuffed animals and plushies

 2.They have maintained proper environmental safety features in their production plants. So, their products are made without violating EU environmental safety rules.

 3.These stuffed toys and plushies don't have any fabric, materials, plastics, or stitching items that will damage the environment.

 4.All the fabrics, stitching items, and materials used to manufacture and décor the  plushies are human-health safe. So, parents can confidently give these stuffed animals to children without worrying about their health.

 5.As the toys are health and environment safe, they are perfect for kids. It won't hurt anyone and also      has EU standards. It highlights their manufacturing quality.

If you want to sell plushies and stuffed toys in the European market, you must choose products with CE certification and Amazon online and offline sales guidelines. Nonetheless, outsourcing for Amazon sales requires you to follow a few more standards.

●  First, select which country and region you want to sell the stuffed and plush toys. After determining it, you can read Amazon guidelines for that region. It will help you maintain the standards correctly.

●   Amazon sales require you to maintain different manufacturing standards and quality. It depends on the sales region. For instance, the EU requires you to have CE certification. You will need ASTM and CPSC approval for sales in America and Canada.

Chaoman Toy Has CE Certified And Amazon Standard Stuffed Toys

With its trained toy manufacturing team, Chao Man Toy offers brilliant quality and design for plush toys. You will get ODM and OEM standard stuffed animals and plushies from them. 

Their quality assurance makes their plushies and toys perfect for Amazon Warehouse (FBA) requirements. So, you can confidently choose their toys for Amazon listing.

A broader range from Chao Man Toy will be valuable if you wish to sell toys through Amazon. You can choose their baby toys with a wild animal simulation facility. 

The company has excellent product lines and unique designs. Thus, you should find kids' favorite toys from them. What's more, their toys are gettable at competitive pricing. It helps you stay ahead of the competitors and make more profit with Amazon toy sales.

You may order in bulk amounts with customized designs. It should fit your business requirement for plushies and stuffed toys completely.


Finding the correct CE stuffed animal company can be challenging. With their CE approval and ASTM standard, Chaoman Toy can help you with the cause. If you need high-quality toys, you will find them easily. So, instead of hovering around, contact them and start your plushies business ASAP.

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