Hanging Tags, Sewing Label, Box, Toy Bags, The Complete Guide For Stuffed Toy Packaging

May 23, 2022

Hanging Tags, Sewing Label, Box, Toy Bags, The Complete Guide For Stuffed Toy Packaging

The essence of a brand is that the brand owner's products, services or other advantages over competitors can bring equal or higher value to the target audience than competitors. The values include: functional benefits and emotional benefits.

Kotler, the father of modern marketing, defined in "Marketing" that a brand is a set of specific characteristics, benefits and services that sellers provide to buyers over a long period of time.

The brand of stuffed toys is often reflected in the design concept of the product and the details of the product. We will design the logo, embroidered our logo to the product,custom sewing labels, and even the packaging method will be carefully prepared.

The difference in material and craftsmanship are the important factors in distinguishing high-quality and low-quality products.This article will fully introduce the cloth label and paper boxes's types,fabrics, prices, advantages. It is a complete guide to help customers choose gift packaging materials.

Hanging Tags or Gift Cards

Exquisite hanging tags are usually used to describe the function, usage, design concept and material of the product, and it is a window for customers to understand the product faster. Gift cards usually feature a message of blessing or an introduction to an event or even an invitation to testimonials. Those business cards can be designed in a variety of shapes, spray-painted with different patterns, and some can even be hollowed out.

custom stuffed toy tagpaper taghot stamping tag

tagging gun

Fabric:  White cardboard, kraft paper, PVC clear plastic

Craft:  Printing + chemical coating, printing + glossy or matt membrane, hot stamping, embossing

Price:  There are many factors that affect the price, material, craftsmanship, size, printing color. On the basis of sufficient quantity, the ordinary custom hang tags for stuffed toy need $0.05-$0.07/pc

Useage: retail display price tags,gift cards,gift tags,review cards

Sewing Label

Personalized sewing label is the most basic requirement if you want to withdraw your brand. In the plush product industry, there are three most commonly used sewing labels or clothing tags

  1. 1.Washed label

  2.   The main components are nylon. The surface is coated. Use special wash ribbon, which has good waterproof performance, high density and will not be torn

  3.   Washed labe

  4. price around $0.02/pc

  5. 2.Ribbon label

  6. 100%polyester,the material is soft,The text is printed with a digital printing machine,can be washed

  7. Ribbon label

  8. price around $0.04/pc

  9. 3.Woven label

  10. Weaving marks are woven on the looms by fixing warp yarns and expressing text, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, etc. with weft yarns. It has the characteristics of high-end, firmness, clear lines, soft hand feeling and so on. Woven sewing labels also can be washed.

  11. Woven label

  12. price around $0.07/pc


Box packaging can increase the added value of the product and display products look better. According to the specific sales scenario, the box packaging materials are as follows

  1. 1.Paper

  2. Fabric
    Coated paper
    Corrugated paper
    Kraft paper

    The surface is smooth  and has a certain thickness, which is whiter than white cardboard, and the printing pattern is clear.high cost performance
    Light weight, higher lightness than other materials, good structure, moisture-proof, heat dissipation, easy to carry
    High tensile strength, highest smoothness, with bamboo pulp.
    Box Picture


FeaturesCan be transparent or opaque, hard material, not environmentally friendly, low costtransparent, relatively soft material, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, high costIt can be transparent or opaque, the hand feeling is the hardest among PVC and PET, but pp is environmentally friendly and the price is moderate

  1. 3.Paper+PVC

  2.  Combining different materials of paper and different materials of plastic can make a box package with transparent windows, it is a good choice for display stuffed aniamls or other products

Toy Bag

There are many packaging way for toys, from the material points, it has opp bag, pe bag, canvas bag, gift box (paper) bag, pvc bag. Distinguish from different materials as follows.

1.Paper Fabric

paper bag for sutffed toysstuffed toy bag

2.PVC Fabric

PVC toy bag

3.Canvas Bag

Canvas Bag

4.OPP and PE Bag

opp bagpe bag

About Chaoman Toy

Since 1996 we have been engaged in the production of plush toys. After more than 20 years of development, from a small workshop with a few people to a large factory with hundreds of people, we are so familiar with what kind of fabric is friendly, and more proficient in combining different materials with different designs. Chaoman toy is the brand of Chaoman Toys Co., Ltd.  As a plush toy manufacturer, no matter you want custom teddy bear or wholesale stuffed animals,

chaoman toy is the best supplier of your plush toy company partner!

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