How Much Does It Cost to Manufacture a Stuffed Animal

March 02, 2023

As the popularity of stuffed animals is overgrowing, many people are adopting the business of making these things. If you want to, the first thing that appears in mind is, “how much does it cost to manufacture a stuffed animal?”

Generally, manufacturing a stuffed animal requires several raw materials, labor, and overhead costs. Besides, you should keep in mind the toy size, fabric choice, and packaging of the toys, which are some factors of production cost. 

Average Cost to Manufacture a Stuffed Animal

An average size stuffed animal may require you to spend $5-$25. But the cost will increase if you need to make customized or larger stuff. Here is an instance: you may need to spend $20-$30 for an 18” FurReal branded stuffed animal. If the height is doubled, then the production cost will double-up too. 

Some plush toys have unique features like added music, lights, and animation. Producing these stuffed animals may add more calculations to the primary one. 

Budget Plan Example:

Here’s a budget plan for a famous stuffed animal maker named Happy Worker. According to their website, they take different quantities in production upon orders. For example, they produce 3K pieces of stuffed animals if their heights are 6” or 6+”. The number may go 5K or more if the orders are for mini plush toys (below 6”). 

Their budget plan works in three segments:

Unit Cost: In this stage, they estimate the cost of producing each unit. For example, they need to spend $6-$9 for an 8” plush toy, while smaller sizes may cost $3.5-$5, depending on the order quantity. 

One-time Set-Up Cost: This is a one-time cost regardless of the order quantity. Usually, Happy Worker estimates $1.8K-$2.6K or even more for designing and pattern set-up.

Shipping Cost: This cost has no set range. Instead, the company discusses logistics and freight support with the client. Also, the shipment cost per unit depends on the size of the baby toy size. The larger the toy, the costlier its shipment will be.  

Factors You Must Remind to Estimate the Budget

As you see, the cost of making plush toys vary severely. So, how do you determine it? Here are a couple of factors that you cannot ignore 

if you want to run a business of stuffed animals:

Raw Materials:

The most common materials used to manufacture a stuffed animal include fabric, stuffing, thread, eyes, noses, and other accessories. The material cost varies depending on the fabric and stuffing type. Also, it may vary depending on the quality and quantity needed.

Usually, more design and styles mean you need to spend more for the fabric and sewing. So, be aware of stuffing the toys with too many designs. 

Labor Costs:

The labor cost depends on the steps involved in the process, including cutting, and sewing the fabric, stuffing, and attaching the eyes and nose, and finishing the seams. Besides, each step may require additional labor costs for design complexity and the number of people involved in production. Like raw materials, the average labor cost can be $2-$10 per stuffed animal.

Overhead Costs:

Overhead costs include running a manufacturing facility, such as rent, utilities, insurance, etc. These costs will vary depending on the facility type and the operation size. Likewise, the overhead costs can range from $300 to several thousand dollars. These costs will impact the overall cost of manufacturing a stuffed animal.

Other Costs:

You may also need to think about other costs during the manufacturing process. These costs can include shipping, packaging, and other costs associated with getting the finished product to the customer. Hence, the budget for these costs continuously varies depending on the shipped items and the freight distance.

The shipment cost will depend on the shipping medium. Usually, toys from the Chinese and Asian markets are shipped through large vessels and it takes 10 days to 1-month for them to reach America. For faster shipment of the toys, you may consider airways. However, it will be costlier than you imagine. So, toy manufacturers don’t prefer it.



I hope you have the idea of “how much does it cost to manufacture a stuffed animal?” Let me summarize the whole blog: you should consider factors connected to plush toy production. Typically, these considerable factors are animal size, order quantity, raw materials, labor, overhead, and other costs. 

Understanding these costs is essential for businesses in the toy industry to remain competitive. Through this, businesses can identify ways to reduce costs while maintaining quality.

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