5 Toy Store Decoration Ideas To Boost Your Sales

July 20, 2022

When we set up a toy store, we focus on stacking it up with as many toys as possible. No doubt, it is required to engage the buyers and toy lovers. Yet, we often overlook one thing in both regular and toy stores. It is the decorative part.

We think decorating the store won’t be fruitful. Alas! Only if you knew how detrimental it is!

In fact, the top toy store decoration ideas can transform the look of your store and increase its sales greatly. Hence, you must pay close attention to decorating the store as beautifully as possible. It not only helps in your sales but brings a sense of calmness.

What’s more, you don’t need to be an expert interior designer to decorate the store to increase its look and engagement. You may consider adding attractive wallpapers, kids' favorite cartoon characters, try mixing colorful accessories and accents on walls and corners, and finally, placing mannequins. Also, you mustn't spend heavily on it. You may even use everyday household items.

So, let's jump into it.

Top 5 Toy Store Decoration Ideas

Are you planning to set up your first stores? Or do you plan to renovate the old one? Well, it's high time you follow our store decorating suggestions and see the difference. We have prepared these decorative ideas to make the store look engaging yet minimalistic.

Wooden crates and pallets are easy and creative to use:

When it comes to using leftover wood and wooden items in your store, the possibilities are limitless. You may use wooden pallets and crates to decorate the store. Also, for this, you may use different used but recyclable wooden items. It will provide you with decorative ideas and go a long way to saving your environment.

For instance, you can use leftover wooden and shipping pallets to give the store a new look. You may even use the pallets and crates within the space as your storage option. There's an option to customize the pallet and crates design for better aesthetics.

When you have a large toy store, you may even use smaller pallets or crates to create a sitting space. It will help your customers visit the store for an extended time. And the longer the customers stay inside the shop, the better your chance of selling

Yes, with these pallets, you may consider creating a seating arrangement, terraces, managerial table, coffee corner, etc. The different look will surely grab the attention of the visitors.

Use toys and Christmas items for a festive look:

What's better than giving your favorite store a festive look that attracts all? Yes, a well-decorated and themed store is all you need to boost your sales. Regarding this, you may try a Christmas theme to bring a festive look to the store.

For instance, you may use customized Christmas toys such as Lalafanfan Soft Duck Toy or Rudolph Christmas Santa characters. These toys and characters are popular among kids and adults, and you can easily customize the design. On top of it, you will find

Go green and be eco-friendly:

Although it may not appear to be a pretty promising idea, you may add green aesthetics in the store for a different look. Plus, it will bring an eco-friendly vibe and attract customers. It is crucial as, these days, people love anything eco-friendly.

We strongly recommend you add a few micro-plants of various shapes and sizes in the store. It will not only bring greenery to the store but also look eye-pleasing. You can easily install a few succulents in the corners and hang them from the roof to bring a greenish and awesome vibe to the shop. Succulents are almost maintenance-free and so are ideal for shops.

On top of it, succulents will grow gradually at breakneck speed. So, you don't need to worry about space for these succulents and micro-plants.

Try creative shapes and toys:

One of the finest ways to decorate your store is to try different shapes, sizes, and toys in the store. You may also use a decorated pillow, stuffed animals, or customized cushions. Many suggest that they are impressed with the DIY swing cotton storage organizers or Valentine's day heart toys. 

You may even use Cartoon Plush Axolotl Toys for a unique look if you have a general shop. These plush toys are available in pink and blue colors with a soothing flavor. Hence, they not only bring a pleasing look but also provide the store with a pleasant smell. It boosts the chance of engaging and impressing your clients better to make a massive profit from them.

Furthermore, you may plan to have rainbow smiling plush sunny toys stuffed pillow with a hot air balloon inside. There Are truly limitless options to choose from various sizes and shapes of toys and items to decorate the shops.

Add colorful and eye-pleasing wallpapers:

The innovation of printed wallpapers has surely changed how we decorate our homes. So, why not use this benefit for decorating your stores? You can use contemporary wallpaper design to transform the store into a homely space.

As your clients, especially kids, feel at home in the store, they are more likely to purchase something. You may also change the wallpapers from time to time to cope with the changing trends. You may even change the wallpaper design during festivals to enhance its presence. For instance, you may use pinkish and reddish wallpapers with signs of love on Valentine's eve. On top of it, you will also find different cutouts to complement the wallpapers. Finally, these items aren't so expensive, allowing you to change them during festivals to match the vibe easily.


Decoration plays a key role in your store. If you keep everything as it is and don't take care of the stored items, it won't attract customers. Henceforth, practical yet minimalistic toy store decoration ideas are the essence of your profitable shops and their business.

Nonetheless, you mustn't only focus on decorating the shops. Instead, you need to combine the right decorative ideas for stores with the proper arrangement of the items and engaging presentation. If you can combine these three suggestions, surely, your sales will increase. Also, always maintain a digital catalog to keep everything sorted and well-arranged for easy maintenance of your valuable shops and their items.

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