5 Must-Have Zoo Decoration Items For Kids' Room For Entertainment and Learning

March 29, 2023

As parents, we want to create a fun and engaging environment for our children to play and learn. And what is better than bringing the zoo right into their bedroom for fun and education? Indeed, a zoo-themed room can be the perfect way to stimulate their imagination and foster a love of nature. 

And to help you with the cause, we've put together a list of 5 must-have zoo decoration items for kids' rooms. We have ensured that all these items are affordable, durable, and easy to find. So, with the right decorations, you can transform any space into a playful, adventurous, and educational world of animals. 

Aren't you excited? If yes, pet the accelerator and continue reading these five top decorative ideas to bring the world's best zoo into your kids' room. 

5 Must-Have Zoo Decoration Items For Kids' Room

From exotic birds to majestic lions, there are endless possibilities for designs for a zoo-themed room for your child. And it can awe-stuck you with overwhelming options. So, we've compiled a list of five must-have zoo-themed decoration items for your kid's room.

Animal Wall Decals

Animal wall decals are an excellent way to add a touch of nature and color to your child's room. They come in various shapes and sizes, from cute little monkeys to giant giraffes. Also, you can apply and remove them quickly whenever you want. 

These decals are a great alternative to painting or wallpapering. Plus, they won't damage the walls. The main benefit of these animal-themed wall decals is their educative part. Indeed, they can help your child learn about different animals and their habitats.

Where to get them: You can find animal wall decals at most home decor stores. Or you may search for online retailers like Amazon or Etsy.

Price: Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the decal. However, you can typically find them for $10 to $50.

Alternative: Animal murals or posters can be an excellent alternative to decals and are often more affordable.

Plush Animal Pillows

Plush animal pillows are a fun and cozy addition to any kid's room. You can get these pillows in various sizes and shapes, from small cuddly lions to giant, huggable pandas. These pillows can be a soft toy for your child to play with too. Also, these comfortable pillows work greatly for them to rest their head on. These pillows' cuteness and attractive appearance will surely grab your kid's attention. 

Where to get them: You can find plush animal pillows at most toy and even pillow stores. Plus, retailers like Amazon or Etsy also sell these pillows. 

Price: Prices range from $10 to $50 depending on the pillow's size, material, and quality.

Alternative: Stuffed animal toys can be an alternative if you don't want a pillow. However, they may not be as functional as animal-shaped pillows. 

Animal-shaped Night Lights

Animal-shaped night lights are a cute and practical way to add a touch of magic to your child's room. They come in a range of animal shapes, from elephants to turtles. Plus, these lights provide a comforting and soothing glow. 

The glow helps your child fall asleep. Night lights also serve as a safety feature. It provides just enough light to help your child navigate their room in the dark. So, why not get one?

Where to get them: You can find animal-shaped night lights at most home decor stores. Also, look for online light and decoration stores. 

Price: Their prices range from $10 to $30. It depends on the complexity and functions of the night light.

Alternative: You could use string lights to create a similar effect. It is an ideal choice if you are on a tight budget. 

Animal-themed Bedding

Animal-themed bedding effectively blends with the theme of your child's room. From zebra stripes to leopard spots, there are endless options for these animal prints. Bedding options can include sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and comforters. 

Moreover, you can mix and match these items to create a playful and exciting look. Kids will love this bedding and may even thank you for creating such a unique sleeping space. 

Where to get them: You can find animal-themed bedding at most bedding and home decor stores. Or else, Amazon. Etsy and baby toy manufacturers like Chaoman Toy can be your best buddies. 

Price: Prices start from $50 and will go up to $150. So you can determine your budget and choose the right zoo-themed decorative bedding. 

Alternative: You could use solid-colored bedding with animal print accent pillows. It will also create a similar effect.

Animal-shaped Storage Bins

Animal-shaped storage bins are cute and keep your child's room organized. They come in a range of animal shapes, from lions to hippos. Additionally, they provide a fun and playful way to store toys. 

These storage bins will encourage kids to organize and store their items. So, it grows a sense of responsibility among kids. Your child can store toys, books, and other items in these bins. 

Where to get them: You can find these bins at toy, home decor, or organizational stores, as well as online retailers. 

Price: These storage bins can cost $20 to $40. The pricing depends on the size and material of the bin. 

Alternative: An alternative to zoo animal storage bins is plain storage bins. You can decorate the plain bins with animal stickers or decals. Kids will love it too. 


Are you looking to add a touch of adventure to your child's bedroom? These 5 zoo-decoration items are perfect for adding a playful touch to their child's room. Of course, these items add color and fun to your child's room. These items will inspire their imagination and curiosity about the animal kingdom.

So, you use these decorating ideas to foster their love of animals and nature. It also creates a stimulating environment that your child will love. So, remember to have fun and let your child's imagination soar!

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